Top 6 most popular fashion mask design patterns

Nowadays, masks are becoming the most potential product to do business successfully in the market in 2020. However, many mask manufacturers are having trouble choosing the right ideas for their mask’s design. If they just produce masks that lack creativity and unique, they could not develop their business in the long term. Therefore, today’s tutorial will give some design ideas to make your mask unique, eye-catching, and attractive to customers. Let’s begin!

Animal paws


Colorful Paws, Dog Traces, Trails, Animal Paws Cloth Face Mask

This image features colorful dog paws (traces, trails, paw-prints). Paws are in pink, blue, green, purple, red and yellow color. Dogs are considered to be man best friend. The term “domestic dog” is generally used for domesticated varieties. The dog may have been the first animal to be domesticated. Great gift for animals and dog (puppy, doggy, doggo) lovers and many more!

In addition, the images of animals are also commonly used when printing on masks.

Face mask with mouth design


The mouth shape design on the mask will make a strong impression to the viewer and help the wearer’s face reduce the image of empty when wearing a regular mask. Besides, there are also many unique design designs with the mouth to create a sense of breaking when you wear a mask.

Print comic and cartoon characters on masks


Fans of comic books and animated films will also be attracted to masks that print the characters from their favorite comic books or movies, but the most popular are animated films. Figure. And the common target audience for such products is young people.

Print the national flag on the mask


For customers who are patriotic, the purchase of masks printed with the national flag of their country is inevitable. But such masks also create a unique for the wearer and impress the attention to the looker.

Print photos Simple design


Although the simple designs such as stripes, dots, checkers, leaves,… Do not create a new unique for the person wearing a mask. But it is still very popular because of its aesthetics and avoids serious monotony when only wearing a white or black mask.

Print designs as required


Not only clothes, objects but also now masks have become printable products on-demand, with more and more diverse designs. Buyers can choose or design the image on the mask they want to buy to create their own style and personal accents.

Watch file PDF below: Face masks: The most successful business

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