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T-shirts are being chosen as business items by many people because of the massive consumer market. But that means that the competition definitely will be high. So what is the best way to sell T-shirts, the following tutorial will share some tips for you.

Overview T-shirt business market in 2020

T-shirts have proved their worth when it comes to marketing a campaign or a business. With a perfect t-shirt design, you can build a rapport with your audience perfectly. Many marketers understand the power of this advertisement method and create unique t-shirts to catch the viewer’s attention. However, the design of a t-shirt specific to your company and business is crucial to winning your audience.

Because t-shirts are increasingly seen as an effective way to market a business or a campaign, the t-shirt designing business is booming. According to a report, the demand for original t-shirt designs in the U.S generates revenue of $367 million annually.

This industry is growing by 8.7%. There are hundreds of new and established t-shirt businesses already in the market. Your startup is one of them. To compete in the market, you should come out with memorable t-shirt designs with the help of a t-shirt maker tool that excites people and will catch their attention.

Once t-shirts were considered as a casual dress that people used to wear at home or during a sports event. Gradually, it infiltrated as a dress to wear on several occasions. Many people wear a t-shirt as attractive office wear.

Among young people, the t-shirt is easy and casual fashion wear also. T-shirts are no more simply clothing with plain colors and little lettering. As a matter of fact, t-shirts today have become a way to show the attitude, the personality of the wearers.

A large number of businesses have started using T-shirts to promote their brand and stand out in the ever-so-competitive market. Because t-shirt printing spells out a message for viewers, marketers are using them as a tool to build an identity for brands.

New elements from nature and societies are creeping into t-shirt designs. Already, indications of a variety of patterns incorporated in the designs are very much there, but such trends will develop further in the coming months.

When you set out to make your own t-shirt design, make sure that you are aware of what is the ‘in-thing and try to design something that helps you stand out from the crowd of tasteless and insipid designs. This number is projected to surpass $735 billion in 2023. And apparel and accessories alone should generate over $138.7 billion by 2022

Finding a niche business for the T-shirt

Some niches are just more crowded than others and that’s usually because these people are the ones that really buy. So you might be wondering right now, how to choose a niche with less competition, right?

If you have so many competitors in the niche you want to penetrate, ask yourself what would set you apart from all of them. Don’t just focus on the actual t-shirt artwork, think of the price, the quality of tees, the customization options, the ordering process, marketing, t-shirt packaging, the concept of the store, and much much more.

You don’t have to go too crazy to become unique, a simple alteration is enough. The basic rule is you have to outshine the others! Are you willing to do that? Do you have an idea of how to do that for a certain niche? If so…great! If not, then I strongly suggest you check out my article on generating creative t-shirt niche ideas.

We need to Find a niche business for the T-shirt

Know Your Market Niche

The T-shirt business is vast as it caters to the varied needs of the customers who come from different age groups and backgrounds. These segments have their demands of designs, styles, fabrics, slogans, branding, etc. Such vastness of the demand from t-shirt and tank tops customers compels a new business to target only a niche market. So, knowing your precise niche is important.

To see which market niche your custom t-shirt printing business addresses, ask some questions and find their precise answer. Get to know if you want to target teens, adults, infants, or toddlers. Will they be designing their own t-shirts or will they choose a set of designs from your store? Such questions and their answer will help you find out the market you should be targeting.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Start An Online T-Shirt Printing Business

1. Put In Place A Business Plan

Make a business plan is very important

Even if it is an online venture, it requires a well-thought-off plan of starting a t-shirt printing business. The plan includes many things such as a projection of profit and loss, creating visual identities such as a logo, maintaining a stock of t-shirt ideas, how to fill and meet shipping orders, running an online store, having sufficient t-shirt design templates, web to print software, and others.

Also, write down some marketing ideas, a source of raw material, your staff members, design samples, and analyze the competition. Most importantly, you must take care of the financial aspect in advance.

When finding out how much the online business will cost at the start, consider some significant expenses. You should calculate the projected costs, revenues, and how much time and volume of orders will it take to break-even.

Other things to consider in the plan include the investment, expected monthly income, and gross margin. Also, do not forget to write down the estimated costs to be incurred toward storing the products and having the shipping boxes.

2. Find Out The Right Blank T-Shirt Supplier

You will print designs on blank t-shirts. A consistent supply of blank t-shirts from a supplier is, therefore, essential. So, find out the right supplier who can deliver you the t-shirts of the right fabric as per your design needs. The t-shirts should be perfect as you will print the designs in small, medium, and large sizes and they all should fit well to the center of the apparel.

Take some sample orders and production tests to find out which blank t-shirt options fit your requirements. Once everything is right, you can then negotiate the price and other factors with the manufacturer and supplier of t-shirts.

3. Have A Nice Logo

Famous logos in the world

A beautiful and unique logo will be your face of t-shirt design business in your niche market. So, to impress your market and customers, create one such logo by hiring an experienced logo designer. Make sure that the logo speaks about your brand through the strategic use of fonts, colors, etc.

So, these are some of the basic things to consider when starting an online t-shirt printing business. Have patience as this entire process takes time to complete before you begin creating the designs and delivering the solutions to your customers.

4. Set Up A Delivery System

Delivery System plays a crucial role in the t-shirt business

After you have printed the t-shirts, you need to deliver them on time to your customers. So put the delivery infrastructure in place. To ensure this, you can ask your team to take the orders independently. You can also choose to use the drop-shipper services which will take the responsibility of delivering your t-shirts to your customers.

Additionally, find out a logistics company that is equipped with a warehousing facility from where it can deliver orders to your customers. With such a reliable delivery system, you can build a brand identity so that your business is easily recognized amid your customers.

Most online t-shirt printing business owners prefer packing and shipping their t-shirt orders to customers as this method is flexible and cost-effective as well. After your business grows, you can take the services of a warehousing company to deliver your orders to the customers.


The information above aims to help you do T-shirts business effectively, especially for beginners. If you still have questions or need to have further information, please contact the hotline +84 355 993 306 for a free consultation related to on t-shirt business solutions this year.

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