How to sign up new account on Printcart 2021

How to sign up new account on Printcart 2021

As you know, own an online store on the Internet is extremely difficult and takes a lot of time. This is even more difficult for owners of goods, businesses that are still doing business according to traditional plans. Because they have a great need to reach new customers, but face many difficulties due to technical barriers. One of them is print shop owners.

Tshirt business

Nowadays, there are still millions of print shop owners who do not own an online printing shop for the reasons:

– Do not have knowledge of computers, the internet, online stores.

– Know about that but meet technical barriers, do not know how to create a store, do not know how to take product pictures, update product information.

– Register to create a store on e-commerce sites but do not know how to register or due to complicated registration conditions.

And there are hundreds of different reasons why they cannot own an online store that sells printing products. If you are one of them then don’t worry. Luckily you are reading this article. As below, I will show you a very simple way to own an online printing store with It is the latest e-commerce platform that specializes in providing printing products for large companies and businesses. And you can completely register to create an account and own yourself an online printing shop with a few simple steps.

Sign up new account on Printcart 2021

Step 1: Access This is an emerging e-commerce site for the print market. Printcart now has hundreds of store owners and thousands of visits from customers every month.

step 1 printcart account

Then step 2: Click register

step 2 printcart account

Next step 3: You can sign up normally with email or fast sign up with a Facebook account.

step 3 printcart account

Step 4: After clicking register, you will have an interface for the seller as the image below, finish.

You can easily configure your store. Besides, you can also add pictures, decorate, select products for your store to start printing products business. Creating stores on Printcart simple right?

At the end of the post, thank you for your support and read the last line. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comments below. In the next article, I will share with you how to build an attractive online store and post your product or product design on it. Thank you very much!

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