5 Calendar Design Trends In 2021

5 calendar design trends in 2021

Ready to get begin of all the graphic calendar design trends for 2021?

Each year, we will dive into the highlight visual themes shaping the printing product for the business design. From trending fonts to create collages.

Plus, we’re sharing our top tips on how to apply these trends to your social strategy so you can elevate your brand aesthetic this year.

Launch of the 2021 calendar design season. We will show you some amazing design ideas for next year’s calendars. The photograph designers have shown here combine feature and design, as well as form and use. Because, as you know, a calendar is more than just something to catch your eye, but an important tool for planning upcoming events. Thought, this is an indispensable item for managers and for each employee in the company. 2020- 2021 has lots of highlights on the market from the worlds of politics, culture, and sport. As well as milestones for the business world and finance, of course. All of these important events should be appropriately marked in an attractive calendar design. In this post about the new calendar design trend below, we show you how a design calendar 2021 like this might look.

Don’t miss these awesome calendar designs trend for 2021

Power of Minimalism in Calendar Design

Power of Minimalism in Calendar Design

Minimalism has come and gone in as a traditional design market trend throughout the years. However, it looks to retain popularity in 2021, special with traditional products as calendars. So, customers want to look for a simple, sleek, easy to use design. They have little time or patience for too many unnecessary flashy images. Anything that slows down the process of finding information event in their plan on the calendar. With a Minimalism calendar design, designers remove any excess information – all images, content that isn’t directly relevant to the information shown. Minimalism but still giving a striking design is not easy for designers. Surely, minimalism like a user-friendly trend. Moreover, the minimalist calendar design needs to look sophisticated and uncluttered bringing aesthetic satisfaction. This is one of the factors of desirability in customer needs.

The storytelling is in calendar design

The storytelling is in calendar design

Storytelling is a strong mode of people’s expression that helps make sense of the things around and to understand possible futures. While coming together to talk about stories is an ancient tradition, it also makes use of personal stories through different narrative techniques to get information, knowledge on the world. The use of storytelling in the content on a paper calendar is an interesting one. What’s better than when you tear up a calendar every time you read an interesting history story, a maxim, or philosophy of life. That will inspire work for you. Storytelling can move decision-makers in ways that hard numbers, logic, statistics, and reports often can’t. That is wonderful!

Mobile optimal electronic calendar design

Mobile optimal electronic calendar design

When you wake up in the morning, what will the first thing you do? If you’re being honest, you most likely check your mobile phone. On average nowadays, younger people check their phone a whopping 150 times per day. So why don’t we design calendars on cell phones?

You can completely emphasize your brand, spread the brand of your business by creating brand themes for the calendar app on your phone. An outstanding calendar design on mobile will be an effective means of communication for the business.

Dark Mode is a new graphic in Calendar design

Dark Mode is a new graphic in Calendar design

Dark mode has been a highlight popular trend in 2020. we increasingly see people sharing screenshots of their electronic device with black backgrounds. Websites offering this feature and social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, also allow users to switch to dark mode. And now, this design idea has also spread to physical printing products. Here are some interesting characteristics of dark mode:

It is cutting-edge, sleek, sophisticated, and permits designers to be innovative and discover new alternatives that would not have labored in the regular light mode.

The dark background can allow designers to use design elements in different completely new creative ways compared to the white background.

Some users like it because it is less harmful to the eyes at night and it is more beneficial for people with vision impairments.

Imagine you will have a dark mode calendar that is attractive in the daytime. Then comes the design of the dark light theme that is easy to see at night. That not only celebrates the beauty of your home but also creates much other creative inspiration for you.

Handmade calendar- hand-drawn adds a human touch

Handmade calendar- hand-drawn adds a human touch

2020 has been a strange and difficult year for all of us: epidemics, natural disasters, and violent accidents. Someone more affected than others, but still the bad situation has cast a dark shadow on the entire world in one way or another. If you are a designer, it’s great to consider ways to bring a little warmth to someone.

Handmade products may be that a little warmth. Imagine a handmade calendar on the wall of your home, made by someone who has done a great job and works hard by hand making for a week. It will make you feel warm and will be a great source of comfort and comfort during this difficult time.

Update trend

We are coming to the end of 2020. so why not try picking out the latest 2021 trending calendar design. Opt for it and hang it up in your office and home. I am sure it will be great and you will have more breakthrough business ideas and more. If you are still wondering and do not know what to do with this interesting idea, do not hesitate to contact us via email. We will help you make the calendar as required by you. Thanks and see you in the next post.

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