How to choose an awesome corporate t-shirt for your project

You’ve got the office, the website, the legal docs. You even have a team of thousands of talented staff. But everyone knows that you’re not a real corporate until you have your own corporate t-shirt.

At the end of the old year, preparing for the new year is coming. I think this is the perfect time to choose for your team a unique, special, and accent t-shirt design. So that you can give meaningful gifts to your teams incorporate. What’s better than a bold design t-shirt with your company brand name in it.

So, in this article on corporate T-Shirt Design, we introduce the process, from brainstorming ideas to complete your shirt. No matter who are you here’s everything you need to know.

Answer the first question, why do you need T-Shirts for your corporate?

There are many reasons to want a corporate Tee. But a really specific reason will guide your design concept and process by helping you understand why you need a T-shirt and what you want with it.


Promotional business t-shirts are gifts you give away for free to keep your brand image in the minds of prospective clients and customers.

This makes everyone (your customers, partners) wearing your t-shirt a free walking advertisement. If you have enough people, your unique concept t-shirts could generate buzz and create the first impression of your brand, especially when they coupled with a powerful image.


For meetings with potential customers, investors, or partners, a corporate t-shirt is the perfect souvenir to remind them later how great you are. When they wear it, they can easily showcase your brand to anyone.

Brand values

A design in the T-shirt is worth a thousand words, which makes it the perfect elevator pitch. Through highlight strategic visuals and only a handful of text, a solid t-shirt design tells the world what your brand has to offer.

Internal solidarity

Like uniforms except for more fun and happiness, company t-shirts help build a sense of collective consciousness workers within a company… and that goes double value if they give input on what it looks like.


If your designs are appealing enough and highlight, you can promote and sell your t-shirts as a product for a little extra company revenue.


Whether you’re organizing a public promotional event or an internal staff training, event corporate t-shirts generate team spirit and act as a nice memento to keep you fresh in prospective partners’ minds.

Finally, write out a list of the contents, ideas, styles, and personality traits that you want your brand and business t-shirts to convey. What is your brand? is it playful or extreme? Edgy or conservative? Luxurious or affordable? A unique design will answer all of these questions at a glance.

Thought, to get the most effective design, move away from your subjective opinion and rely on real, quantifiable data. Who are your target clients/customers? What brand traits do they want to do business with?

When you have clearly defined your goals, you can then prioritize the different aspects of your t-shirt design. You will tailor your design in a way that best suits the company’s needs.

Define your budget, quantity, and timeline when you make to print corporate T-shirt.

As with most business projects, start your corporate t-shirt design process by figuring out a few specific detail targets.

Quantity: How many do you need T-shirts?

Why do we need to care about T-shirt quantity? Because the amount of shirts you need directly affects the best printing process to choose. Some processes cater specifically to large bulk orders, while others have a high per-unit cost, limiting them to smaller numbers unless you have a big budget.

Budget: How much can you spend?

If you have a bigger budget, that means more than just more shirts. Do you want to print more detailed images, more beautiful with more colors? That will cost more. Do you want softer shirts or maybe a V-neck? That will increase that budget. Think about money early so you can find your perfect balance between all of your necessary creative options and the number of t-shirts you need.

Timeline: When do you need to have the shirts?

As you know, designing takes time, printing does too. The different methods have different production turnaround times. You can set flexible deadlines. That will help you time to develop a beautiful design and collaborate with your printer by professional.

After you get this detailed information, you’ll have everything you need.



In this post, I’ve told you about the reasons for printing a corporate T-shirt and how to balance your budget for that plan. Next time, I’ll show you the 6-step process to create your desired office shirt for your corporate. If in case you do not want to think more about the corporate T-shirt and waste time on it, please contact us by email: We’ll help you create the best stylish shirts for your business. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately now.

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