How do corporate t-shirts increase the business potential value?

How do corporate t-shirts increase the business potential value

As you know, Christmas 2020 is coming soon. The selection of gifts for employees becomes a difficult and complex task for both the human resources department. How to find a product that is both meaningful to a holiday gift, while bringing solidarity and added value to the business? Oh, don’t look for luxurious or complicated gifts. You can choose printing beautiful design T-shirts as a meaningful gift for your employees. Why? Here are the 4 values you would get for giving corporate t-shirts to staff to increase the business potential of your company. Let’s get started.

Increase the visibility of your business’s brand image.

Positive:  Your customers will recognize your business through the t-shirts your employees are wearing. Your business brand will get noticed by many others. Each good action of the business will help more to promote quickly and effectively with the T-shirt uniform.

Negative: Every bad action when dealing with customers affects the corporate image. Especially in the information technology age, where every image can be shared quickly on social networks. So tell your employees to behave properly when wearing a business uniform T-shirt. That not only increases the value of that employee but also your business.

Cut a lot of expenses on uniforms, Marketing with corporate t-shirts

Positive: Compared to other types of uniforms, a T-shirt uniform has a lower cost but is more comfortable to wear. We can give an example of the average price of a shirt and a t-shirt. The price of the shirt can range from $ 100 to-$500. Not to mention the shirts of major fashion brands such as Gucci, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren. Their price could be more than $ 1000. Meanwhile, the price of the t-shirts is only $ 50-100. Besides, the printed images on the t-shirt can be easily customized as you wish. The benefits of that are immeasurable. Instead of spending money creating posters and leaflets about your brand, each person wearing a T-shirt becomes an individual mobile ad for your business. Or you can print a company logo image, hobby picture, motivation quote to add value to your staff.

Negative: The quality of the shirt material and the image will affect your branding. so should not choose clothes that are too cheap. It’s not durable, but the images printed on it are not unique and impressive, with cheap designs that are easy to imitate and duplicate. So, you should choose shirts with good materials, images can be designed by you or by designers. The printing provider will take care of all the rest for you.

Building a strong team spirit in the company’s personnel without spending too much money.

Positive: Instead of spending annually on expensive tourism activities or eating in luxury locations to be able to retain competent personnel. You can organize the sewing of uniform t-shirts for your business in combination with team building activities that will enhance team spirit for members. Help them communicate better at work and add value to the staff. They will have more peace of mind when sticking with your business. In addition, you can donate extra T-shirts for family members of the staff. Both create sympathy and meaning for the gift, and also an effective marketing channel in the locality. The people around the area where your employees live will know about your business.

Negative: Gift-giving must be accompanied by important company events, and the design printed on it after each occasion must be modified to increase uniqueness. The constant gift of a T-shirt with the company logo above will reduce its unique value and cause boredom for the recipient. Choose a sophisticated supplier or a unique designer to solve this problem for you.

Change corporate T-shirts become for employee motivation sentences

As you know, encouragement and encouragement are very important actions for employees to focus on their work. however, managers do not always have enough time to do so. Employees themselves when they get into the cycle of work, will get stuck and fail to realize the importance of encouragement and encouragement quotes. Now, with T-shirts with motivation quotes, you will do just that. Just glancing at the words of encouragement on their own or other people’s T-shirts will help employees feel more confident and energetic at work.

Here are some motivation quote t-shirts samples that you cannot ignore:

The above are four corporate t-shirt values that bring your company. How do you feel about that article? Please leave a comment below or discuss with us, give your opinion on Printcart Facebook Group.

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