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CMS Adv Order Management - Send Invoices

Hi,In Joomla 3, VM3, how do I get the invoices to automatically send to customers on a confirmed order?I have orders processed through Paypal, where the order is confirmed, and an invoice is created...
Mike Quigley
By Mike Quigley

Non Profit Completely Charity License

I am inquiring about using your product for a Non-Profit strictly charity group which uses virtuemart.Our target audience is so small that we only have around 200 customers.Our charity provides...
Eric Clark
By Eric Clark

Magento 2 Overview – A brand new solution for marketing online

As we may know, Magento is a leading online solution that started 5 years ago. Since its debut, Magento has created a huge wave of changing from web developers to customers. Magento has been...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Color Swatch Extension - different fields: size, material, color.....

Someone could explain how to create other customize attributes, like the example in image? I tried to create a new customize field (print color), then i apply that to the product, but the thumbnail...
Maurizio Perrucci
By Maurizio Perrucci

“ November – Cmsmart is giving more on Thanksgiving Day”

Dear our beloved customers!No one has ever become poor from GIVING and Cmsmart is one of them.Thanksgiving Day is the time for us to express our gratitude to our dearest customers, first Thanks and...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Magento Order Upload Extension

The more detailed the order is, the more customer can get satisfaction!Currently, orders from customer are not just simple selection of product categories; it is now more complex than before. When...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Magento Responsive Admin Template – Save your huge time with modern design

There is the fact that the number of people using mobile devices to access Internet and enter to the website increases dramatically in recent year. Being the one of the most professional web service...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Delivery date picker (+ 2 day days)

Hello, i want to change the delivery date.Now you can choose the today and tomorrow date. But i want people to choose a date after tomorrow.How can I easily fix this by myself?In Hikashop you easily...
By Edgar

History of Virtuemart: A Comprehensive Look

VirtueMart is an e-commerce extension for the open source Component Management System Joomla. It is an e-commerce extension that can be used for small or large online storage, written in PHP and uses...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Magento Printing Theme – The best Web-to-print solution

Online Printing Services have dramatically impacted on many branches of worldwide e-commerce industry, which led to the great leaps of doing Print business using websites known as Web-to-print or...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Unable to Install the theme

Hi,i'm unable to install the theme.Could you help me further with this?
Kapil Murugiah
By Kapil Murugiah

Print Template style 2

Hello,i installed your Print Template on my Joomla 3.45 and the photoupload is not working.Error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data.Further more i...
Fruit's Best
By Fruit's Best

Top Marketplaces for selling Magento Themes

With a boom in the e-commerce industry and growing dependency of people on online retail stores for their shopping needs, starting an e-commerce store is an ideal business to invest in today....
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Joomla Responsive Templates

We are in the technology world with many enormous innovation of mankind. Today, e-commerce is gradually replacing for traditional trade method. Only by one click or some actions of searching on...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Characteristics of Addicting Social Network Apps

Mobile platform has changed the way we interact with the world. It is difficult to imagine yourself with a mobile phone with no functioning internet. You can access any website through their app....
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

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