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Apptha Book or Rent – Multipurpose Booking and Rental Software

Apptha’s Book or Rent is a readily built booking and rental software using which you can erect your own online marketplace for conducting booking and renting services. To be more precise by...
Benjamin Giles
By Benjamin Giles

WDMtech offers 25% OFF Virtuemart Extension on Cmsmart only on 7 days

There are more than 100+ sellers on Cmsmart for only one year, thank you so much for your co-operation and your trustting our brand and our prosucts as well.To be greatful for your support, we would...
By unnamed

Questions Regarding Extension

Hi, I have a couple of questions. 1. Is this extension mobile responsive? 2. Do you guys offer a one day trail first. I need to be sure it works seamlessly with my existing site and other extensions...
WebRight Operations Manager
By WebRight Operations Manager

7 Beautiful Magento Themes for your online stores

Magento is known as the leading eCommerce CMS and widely used by over 204,000 sites. Besides the spotlight on some of stunning Virtuemart templates, it’s right time to look at some of the best...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Common Copyright

HelloI would like to share common copyright on CMS field, Please kindly check this detail 1. What is CopyrightYou can find a full definition of copyright on the U.S. Copyright office website. The...
By Christina

Top Responsive Magento Themes on Market

These days, as more and more customers are using mobile devices, you have to be sure your ecommerce store can be seen comfortably on their devices. By using Responsive Magento themes for your...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Are you brave enough to pass Magento Responsive Admin Template version 3.0?

Dear our beloved customers,Thank you for download 3500+copies of Magento Responsive Admin Template on Cmsmart on 2014 and now on Sep 2015, we pride ourselves to release a new version that make you...
By unnamed

Top E-commerce Marketplaces for CMS products

With the enormous development of science and technology, e-commerce has been dominating economic market on global scale recently. We could easily point tope-commerce marketplaces for CMS products...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

I will buy Magento Responsive Admin Template but I have some question following

1.About License. If I buy this product for 1 domain license.Could I use the license for development environment(local host) and UAT environment ?Did you count on the license for development...
By Kittiphat

10 Important Keywords About How Joomla SEO Works

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization a kind of complex area of web development. After working with SEO for a number of years, and especially 4 years with Joomla and SEO, I have gain myself...
Nick Demons
By Nick Demons

Top 5 Trends of Web UI design / Web layout in 2015

Internet and technology are changing every day and every hour, web development is also changing and developing very fast. Annually, the new technology was released and thereby the trends in web...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Why ByEqima lead Joomla Extension about social network

One thing that is absolutely necessary for any kind of business – be it small or large – is a fully functional website. Your online presence can seriously affect the way you run business as a...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

Refund policy to buyer

Hello beloved prospective clientsI would like to share our kind and true refund case to you guys when you confuse to buy item on Cmsmart marketplace.What happen if buyer requests a refundBuyer can...
By Christina

10 Famous Ecommerce Stores Using Virtuemart

VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution to be used together with Joomla! and Mambo. Some clients who have existing sites using Joomla CMS, they choose VirtueMart template and Virtuemart...
Janet Tran
By Janet Tran

404 error on category and product pages

Hi am having jewelery theme.. all category and product pages are throwing an error of 404...
By Sanjeet

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