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Hi please let me know 1 time payment ? or any extra payment need?

Hi please let me know 1 time payment ? or any extra payment need?  Thank you
By Joann

how to install the downloaded zip file and where

how to install the downloaded zip file and where
rick schelin
By rick schelin

When next version will come?

I am using your extension with my magento 2 store.Currently my users needs to select product attributes twice, that is wrong.If users already selected color & size on product detail page then why...
By Ziya

Muliple file upload (front and back)

When uploading a design you can only upload 1 file. eg with business cards you have 2 sides how can you select to upload multiple files to the site?
David Kinders
By David Kinders

Customization nbDesigner

Hello, Is it possible to create automatic border templates to display kisscut and die-cut sticker cut line mockups in real time?  Can you add a barcode to each design for fulfillment...
By Eli

Copy and past

It is possible to copy and past on different page or duplicate pages?
By jimmy

Hosting Requirements

Hello,I am planning to build my printshop site on Cloudways and I am not sure about which package should I use. As far as I understand your plugin is going to run on my servers so do you suggest...
By Yucel

License key

I'm was testing lite versione and then I Have purchased pro version, but I am unable to insert new license key!
By jimmy

How to setup optional sticker design

I have a client who sells a4 sheets of adhesive blank labels. I want to give the customer the option of purchasing the blank media or designing a sticker to be printed on the a4 sheets. What is the...
Lee Firth
By Lee Firth

How to add Start Design/Upload Design button to new product

Could you show me where in the documentation it describes how to do this? I've created a new product and checked enable design and upload design, but do not see a button. EDIT:I was able to...
Tim Straley
By Tim Straley

Italian Company IVA

We are a company and we need invoice with our data such as VAT. How we can get it?
By jimmy

Sandbox demo

Hello Jason,Thanks for replying to my queries.Can you please provide a sandbox demo environment with access to the other sections in admin (Live Demo is restrictive)? I want to add products &...
By Amit

EPS, PSD file supported for upload in Designer

Does the designer tool support eps, psd file format? Is there a plan to support it in the future?
By Amit

templates are not showing for not logged users

Guys,I have created my own templates, added them to the products, but it just shows when the user is logged in.There is any chance to a client design a mug using my templates WITHOUT login ?I...
Antonio Ferreira Carroca
By Antonio Ferreira Carroca

Presale question

Hello,I am interested in buying your plugin but first i woyld like to ask if something that i want is possible. I want my client to be able to customize the t'shirt but in some t-shirts my client i...
By Emmanouel

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