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The button Request Quote - where to set it up?When I try the form it goes in loop - not sending anything - where to change the color of the form- where to set up the button ?
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Community Forum on Mobile

It would be really nice to be able post replies from a mobile device here in the community forum. Unfortunately, the CMSMart NetBase advertising covers up the submit button on mobile.  
James Lauffer
By James Lauffer

where to change the content of the pop-up window

Where can I change the content of the pop-up window showing keyboard shortcuts and about? 
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Can anybody do custom coding on the Product Designer Plugin?

Is there anybody who can do custom coding on the Product Designer Plugin It seems the website developer is not able to do it.Thank you
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Product Tabs not showing

Could anybody help me?2 products have problems showing additional tabs with information - all settings are same as the other productsIs this a bug, or could anybody recommend the settings why...
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Issue with the Sticker cutline and pattern preview.

Hi, I am trying to build a custom die-cut sticker product. I enabled the sticker cutline preview from the product page. after designing the sticker in the Editor the sticker outline gets...
Nivara Graphic
By Nivara Graphic

is anyone else having trouble saving templates?

Is there a file size limit or something when saving templates in NB Designer? My templates won't save when creating new ones - does anyone else have a similar problem? Wondering what i can do? 
By Yasmin

Such a bad company. Anybody good experiences?

Selena?I think she is doing nothing. She is playing a game.I paid 200 usd for custom coding and she is not able to set it up.Today she told me again she does not work on Saturday... it is...
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Is there any working website with Teeshop and NB Designer out there?

I have a question - is there any working website here?Could anybody send me a reference link for the Teepro Template and the NB designer working? I bought the plugin and template almost 1 year...
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Nb designer

In some of the greeting card design we want to add rectangle, square and round placeholder to browse image, is it possible?
mehul jamang
By mehul jamang

Wordpress version compatibility?

Hi,We love this theme as we are about to open an online fishing products store. Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 5.7 and do you ensure complete compatibility with all updated versions of...
Mike W
By Mike W

Big Lots 25% OFF Coupon In Beautiful March 2021

Dear beloved customers!Tet Holiday has just passed, the new year with many opportunities and challenges are waiting for us. Now let's smile together and welcome to beautiful March. We have an...
Rose Helen
By Rose Helen

I want to purchase Nb designer

Hi, I want to purchase NB designer 6 months subscription. I can pay 40$ in every 6 month
Md Islam
By Md Islam

Does it work with Joomla 3.9.23 and VM 3.8.7

Just buy it... and nothing work correctly ....Install : OKParams : OKFilter don't work .... a lot of money for nothing like Dire Straits !
Jean-Claude Giraud
By Jean-Claude Giraud

Edit Customer Design

It could be a good function the possibility to edit customer's design without order, ex. if the customer saves his design only!
By jimmy

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