The Beginners’ Guide To Selling Print On Demand Products

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Print on Demand is an exciting business model with lots of opportunities. With Print on Demand (POD), you create the designs (or hire a designer) and choose from a list of products available for printing. Then you market your store and once a customer places an order, the POD service does the rest! It’s a wonderful model for new business owners.

While getting started is relatively easy with no upfront costs or inventory to hold, there are still a few things new business owners need to keep in mind.


With e-commerce sales rising an average of 9.32% annually, it’s a space with lots of potentials. The biggest struggle in this space is differentiation. How do you stand out when there’s so much competition?

One of the first items of business for your new e-commerce store is to create your custom brand. When you create a very specific, targeted brand that customers recognize, it helps you stand out from your competitors and gives you an advantage when it comes to marketing.

Remember, branding isn’t your logo or your name. Your brand is more about who your business is and who you hope to reach or your niche. It encompasses everything about your business…your unique designs, how you interact with your audience, your web presence, and even the products you offer in your store. The more thought you put into your brand, the better you’ll be able to stand out.


Many e-commerce sellers struggle to identify their audience, so you aren’t alone. When you think about who you want to target, consider the following questions.

Is the person male or female?

How would you tell them about your product if they were standing in front of you right now?

Is the person budget conscious?

What does your person like the most about your products?

Why would this person purchase your product? When you think about your audience in terms of your ideal customer (buyer persona), it makes it a bit easier to think about what they are looking for and how your business can best serve them through your marketing efforts, and products you sell. Focusing on a narrow niche will also help your marketing efforts and it is important to put in the time researching and understanding the niche you want to target.


The next decision most new online store owners have to make is the decision of what products to offer in their store. Some print-on-demand services have a very limited product offering and stick to apparel. GearLaunch is always releasing new popular products so our sellers can find success in broader categories. Here are a few of our hottest products!


Mugs are always a popular item among sellers and customers alike. There are endless possibilities for design and customers love a mug that shows off their personality. No matter your niche, including mugs in your store is a great idea! we also have a complete guide to selling print on demand mugs.

Don’t be afraid to get crafty and creative with your mug designs. Many people keep mugs at home and at the office. Think about your audience and niche and create a design your customers would love to take to work.


Jewelry is a hot new item available for GearLaunch sellers. It’s a fun product to include for certain holidays and special occasions. If jewelry is a good fit for your niche, it might be a great way to increase your sales for your e-commerce store.

Wall Art

Canvas wall art is one of our top selling products for some of our sellers. It’s a popular item among Millennials who love finding art designs online and specifically on Instagram. If your online presence is growing, or you just love creating new art designs, selling wall art in your store is a promising venture.

Phone Cases

The opportunity for selling phone cases online is huge. With over 4 billion people in the world owning mobile phones and 79% of them purchasing a protective cover, ecommerce business stands to make money by offering fun designs on phone cases. It’s a hot commodity with a lot of opportunity for success.


Many people only think of Tshirts when it comes to Print-on-Demand. While it is still a popular item and many online stores have created a successful business by only selling Tshirts, there is even more opportunity for businesses offering designs on multiple products. Be strategic when you create Tshirt designs and make sure you are using royalty-free resources.


When it comes to selling, remember that your designs are crucial to your success. If you choose to hire a designer, be sure to evaluate their recent work, then be specific in your design requests, and make sure you have a contract in place.

Start with one product and test to see how well it sells.

Gradually add other products to your store and always test! If it isn’t selling, it may be wrong for your audience.

Continue to work on new designs to offer customers.

Watch trends and holidays.

Have a plan! As a business owner, you also need to spend a large part of your effort on marketing. Social media is a good way to get your brand out there and visible to the public. But don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick one platform you love, and master your presence there. Once you grow your brand, you can diversify among other social platforms.

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