Personalization trends in the POD industry

Consumers who wish to stay in and shop from their homes for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic will likely increase in 2021. Personalization trends in the POD industry will continue in the next few years. 

As a Printing solution development and supplier, we believe that many merchants think about applying the POD trend to new products and a wider range of goods to reach larger audiences. 

Many customers have contacted our consultants and ask if they could use our online design feature for wallpaper designing. They want to make their business unique compared to others by offering consumers chances to design the wallpaper on demand. Mr. Paul Ebbe is one of them. 

Mr. Paul Ebbe owns a wallpaper printing business. He sold premade printing wallpaper and wanted to invest in an eCommerce website to promote his business online. He looked for a solution that could allow consumers to design their wallpaper online to offer them a better shopping experience and differentiated products that fit a specific niche.

Starting the project with Printcart Printstore solution 

He found Printcart when looking for a printing solution on the internet. At first, he was interested in our Printstore package solution. After a long conversation with our consultant - Mr. John Vu asked for detailed information, he decided to choose the Premium Package for his project. He has been developing this website There are so many things to do to develop a complete website, so it could not be done in such a short time yet. He is still in the progress of adding the content and services. Our service team is supporting him in completing his website.  

The WordPress Printstore solution is really a useful tool for both the shop owner and consumers. It has a high standard of UI/UX, so the consumers will have a complete shopping experience.  With 21 homepage layouts & a powerful core theme, you can apply it for various printing businesses: Tshirt, Bugs, Hats, Canvas, Business cards, Wedding Invitations, Photo Books, Phonecase, Tote Bags,... Your B2B and B2C eCommerce print shops could be created by using WP Print store Package which allows your customers to view, customize, upload and order print items online, select from existing designs or customize to suit your branding.

Customize the Printstore Solution to fit the business model 

Besides the custom wallpaper printing, the website also provides non-custom wallpaper and carpet. It offers many beautiful designs for the consumer's choice. The biggest weakness of online shopping is that consumers could not check the product quality. They always worry if the color is the same as the online images if the quality is good,... Especially for wallpaper, you need to purchase a large amount at one time. If the quality is not good, you might waste a lot of money. 

To help consumers have more confidence in his business, Mr. Paul Ebbe has an idea to let consumers order a sample of the product on his website. Consumers could choose the design they like, choose product variations (size, color, material,...) and then place an order. Our Printstore solution did not support this function so he hired us to develop it for his business. 

Our consultant - Mr. John Vu has worked with the developer team in a few days to draw out a workflow for this feature. 

After checking the workflow, Mr. Paul Ebbe agreed to move on with this function. It took about 10 days to complete this function. 

Consumers would choose the variations and click on the “Buy a Sample” button to add to cart the place an order for the sample.

 Admin could set the fixed price for the sample in the back-end when setting up the product. 

With this function, it will help to build more trust in consumers and make them more confident in submitting an order later. With a very small amount for the product sample, they could check the quality of the real product or even compare several samples to get the right one if they are confused by too many choices. 

Some words from Printcart team 

After a period of time working with Mr. Paul Ebbe, we have learned a lot of things about customer service. Sometimes, a very small thing could make a big difference for your business. So, always be on the lookout for the next “small idea.” With a little forethought and a little effort, you can reap big results.

If every business increased its productivity by just five percent, it would be worth billions to the economy, create more jobs, generate higher wages, and produce better job security. That’s why we focus on the small, practical, totally doable things you and your business can do that bring big benefits – because small things could make a big difference to customers. 

In Printcart, we offer all the eCommerce-related services in one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. Aside from premade solutions, customization services, Printcart also provides a wide range of services, such as:

  • Project analysis and management 

  • Software and website development 

  • Digital marketing and branding 

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