Who is Botak Sign Pte Ltd

Botak Sign Pte Ltd was established in 1991 in Singapore. They started by providing services in vinyl sticker cutting and then moved towards large format inkjet printing. 

Botak Sign Pte Ltd has steadily progressed to become one of Singapore's leading companies in large format printing. Several hundred printing orders are fulfilled every day by over 34 units of printers that are run 24-hours. They have over sixty staff members spread over 8,000 square feet at 3 locations in Singapore.

We - Printcart are very happy to be chosen by Botak Sign Pte Ltd to become their partner in developing their official website. 

Why they found us

In the beginning, they were looking for a printing solution for their business website and they found our Printstore Solution (WordPress Printing Solution integrated with product customizer plugin). They were impressed by the product online feature which is the highlight feature of this solution. Then, they talked with our consultant - Ms. Janet Tran, and decided to hire us to rebuild their website. It was a big project with many phases which lasted for over one year. So in this article, we will only write a summary about this big project to share with you a memorable story that we have with Botak Sign Pte Ltd. 

How large-format inkjet printing works with web2print?

As we mentioned above, they found us while looking for a Printing solution for their website and decided to purchase our Printstore Premium Package. But we all know that this package contains a premade theme. That means many other businesses could also use this theme for their website. For a big business, you need something unique and have a strong and memorable brand identity. So they decided to hire us redeveloping his website UX, UI, and almost the whole system but including all the features of the Printcart WordPress PrintStore package implementation and add custom function development. 

They sent us all the detailed requests for what they want to do with their website, the detailed workflow, design, and detailed document for how each function would work on the back-end and front-end. Look at all those documents, just only one word run through our mind - WOW!!! We believed that we have worked with a very professional team. In addition, the Botak Sign team is very friendly. We were very happy that they had chosen Printcart as their partner in this big project. 

One of the most complicated issues we have to face is related to the Upload .PDF images for designing on the editor page. 

For large-format inkjet printing, the quality of the output file is very important. If it is not qualified the final product could be broken. Therefore, the uploaded images need to be high quality, too. The problem is if you use .JPG or .PNG, files are large and take a lot of space on your server. Then if you have many orders a day, you have to keep upgrading your server storage. If you use .PDF, you could save a lot of space on your server because this file format has high quality but it is not very large. The problem is our Printcart only allows users to upload .PDF images as background without editing. Because .PDF contains different elements (text, images), the plugin could not read all elements and let people edit easily as other format files. 

Our developer did have a headache with this issue because it really is a complicated problem. We found and tried some solutions but they all failed. Luckily, after a few tries, we finally found the right solution to upload .PDF files for design on the editor page. 

When users upload a .PDF file, it will be automatically converted to images to .PNG file in high resolution and you can use it as an image file for designing. 

(Upload images)

(Choose PDF file)

(Edit the upload file)

The system also shows a pop-up if the upload file is in low resolution. 


Obtained a design, and from there you can create PDF( Contains images of PDF that have been uploaded). 

We're talking about a PDF that has one page. The story on a multiple-page PDF is more different. If the .PDF file has 2 pages and the design has 3 sides, the PDF will appear on the 1st side and 2nd side, and the 3rd side will be empty.

If the .PDF file has 3 pages and the design has 2 sides, the PDF 1st page and 2nd page will appear on the 1st side and 2nd side.

But each page will be converted into a separate PNG for customers to select and use in the editor.

Some words from Printcart team 

Until now, we are still in cooperation for their website development. The project does not come to an end yet. But we believe that Printcart and Botak Sign Pte Ltd will have more projects in the future. 

Hopefully, we could partner with more and more customers as professional as Botak Sign Pte Ltd in the future. The last year was very fascinating for our team. We have learned many things from this project and be more confident. 

Our aim is to help our partners to grow their businesses by starting with offering them the right tools to make all of their ideas become reality. The success of each business is also our team's success and we treasure every customer. 

In Printcart, we offer all the eCommerce-related services in one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. Aside from premade solutions, customization services, Printcart also provides a wide range of services, such as:

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We are very happy to help you grow your business!