With the rise of custom printed products, it has become essential for online print businesses to utilize sophisticated equipment to keep the customers merely ‘interested’. An online product design tool is quite essential to stay up-to-date with the demands of the industry.

If you are planning to start your own online custom printing business, you would be keen to invest in product design software to enable online users to customize their own products with the most user-friendly & productive tools.

This will enable your users to produce more custom printed products efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, you will have the maximum attention of your target audience. On the other hand, it makes custom designing simpler, leading to faster production. 

They want to browse through multiple items easily, design, or personalize them as per their liking and quickly close the buying cycle.

Believe it or not – investing in personalization efforts to create a better shopping experience and build stronger relationships can pay off with rewards for online printers like you.

Makes personalization easy by designing products directly from the product detail page

The professionals and tech-savvy people are familiar with the software suite or can learn it easily, but common men can not. They may even be using this type of software for the first time. So, it is imperative that your online product design tool must have ease of use and your selection must keep the general users in mind.

In addition, advanced features and an engaging user experience can encourage online users and convert them into potential customers. Both, the UI & the UX should be kept in mind while upgrading your store to an online product design store.

That is why we came up with the idea to design the products from your product detail page with quick edit options. The customer can edit the product quickly and place an order on a single page which surely helps to improve the shopping experience of your clients.

Ever since we released NBDesigner online product designer plugin, we have made an effort to develop more features that can further the shopping experience of our clients. On the other hand, we also have helped to develop products that address customers’ exact needs (known as custom software development or bespoke software development, or tailor-made software development). It will entail the processes from designing, developing, deploying, to maintaining software depending on the business needs.

Let’s See How It Works!

Normally, when you activate the online design feature on a product, there will be a design button on your product page that allows your customers to customize their products, and merchandise according to their preferences. 

product page

After customers click on the design button, it leads to the editor page wherein they can apply photographs, add messages, apply filters, and much more to design products of their choice.

However, for some projects, the store owners want users to design the products directly on the product page which helps them customize the products more easily and quickly. So we offer this feature as an extra service for store owners who want to simplify the design process on your web store. 

template option

As soon as you select a product and go to that product detail page, you will see the template list on the left. Next to it is the template preview where you could see how your output product looks like. You also could choose the template by clicking on the template options under the design button. 

The templates can be configured for a product from the backend. Store admins could create as many templates as they want and assign them to products of their choice. 

base form editor

Once you click on the design button, there will be a form base editor with fields to input your text and upload the logo images. The field name is set up by the store admin from the backend. When a user inputs the text on the field, it will be shown in the template preview area. 

If the users need a more complicated design, they could click on the design further button to go to the editor page as the original plugin. 

editor page

For different business needs, we could help to develop more design options on the product page, such as color, size options, etc…

Just send us a request a sales@cmsmart.net, our consultant will contact you immediately!

After choosing the quantity and getting the shipping costs, you can add the product to the cart and head to the checkout page.

The Benefits Of Form Base Editor Feature

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of this Form Base Editor Feature.

Save Time

When customers can quickly place an order right after they finish their designs. This surely helps them to save time and improve the shopping experience. It is entirely beneficial for those who do not want to waste a lot of time struggling with design work.

Faster checkout

When customers can quickly edit their product and are happy with personalization, they do not have to waste time anymore and promptly head to the checkout page and place the order.

Ease of use

The online product design tools can get overwhelming for amateurs despite how easy it is for everyone to use. The Form Base Editor Feature is simple, requiring them to complete a few steps before placing the order. 

Higher conversions

Customers of today do not want to work hard to get something anymore. They want to save time and money without breaking a sweat. When customers know they can customize a product of their choice, select the quantity, and place an order instantly, they will come back and purchase from you. 

Businesses Will Find Form Base Editor Beneficial

Here are some types of businesses we think might get the most benefits from this Form Base Editor Feature

Wall Decoration

Online businesses selling wall decorations such as neon light, and custom text posters/canvas…can offer this web-to-print functionality to their customers. This will shorten the purchase cycle and attract more customers to come and shop from them because of the easy personalization feature.

Custom Gift

Online businesses selling custom gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, jewelry,...could also benefit from this feature. The shoppers just need to enter the text or upload their images, choose the quantity, and place orders. It only takes a few minutes to get meaningful gifts for your relatives and friends. 

Paper Post Printing

If you are offering a printing service for paper posts such as invitations, cards, labels,...this feature is worth considering. The store admin could prepare the templates with a form base editor that shoppers need to fill in the fields. This feature surely will bring you more customers due to its convenience.  

Wrapping up

Personalized experiences are becoming an important part of the customer journey in this fast-paced change.

Brands that successfully meet personalization demands will be handsomely rewarded with increased loyalty and greater revenue in the years ahead. Because the more consumers interact with a company in a more personalized way, the more likely they are to buy from that company again.

Therefore, personalization will be even more critical in the future as technology advances, and people become increasingly reliant on digital services for their daily lives.

The trend towards personalization is not new, but it's becoming an increasingly important part of businesses.

As consumers demand more experience optimization from brands and digital data becomes easier to access than ever before, organizations need a solution that will meet these needs without compromising on quality or functionality.

It is a race against time to improve personalization and companies that do not prioritize creating a tailored experience run the risk of getting left behind. So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to enhance the personalization experience of your customers with our web-to-print software solution? Contact us at sales@cmsmart.net and our consultant will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Flora Nguyen

Shop Owner