Some words about our partner

Lynx Digiprint Almelo has been the agency for graphic design and digital printing since 1999. It provides a wide graphic package: from design to digital printing. Such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, posters, blister sets, labels, flyers, cards, folders, etc. 

Lynx Digiprint Almelo supplies both digital and offsets printing in small and large print runs. Fast, efficient, and at competitive prices.

Think about one day you want to make name cards or business cards, which you can get in different variations. Both laminated, folded in half, rounded corners, or with a perforation hole in them. Flyers, stationery, envelopes, posters, voucher booklets, etc. can also be ordered in various sizes. Lynx Digiprint Almelo could supply them all at an affordable rate. 

What were their problems?

This client partnered with Printcart to develop their eCommerce Printing website. They wanted a website with an online design tool that allows their customers to design what they want on the website online. The idea is that Lynx Digiprint Almelo offers printing services, download those designs that consumers create on the website, and take them to print. 

They found us on the internet. With around 10 years of experience in developing and providing technical solutions for eCommerce Printing businesses, we are very confident that we have deep knowledge about this industry and we know what our customers need for their businesses.  

After using the Printcart (WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin), Lynx Digiprint Almelo shared with us that every time end-users want to save a design, they have to log in. Log in at the start when they access the website is alright, but having to log in too much might make them feel annoyed.  They are afraid that this issue might affect the customer's experience and need to find a solution for this as soon as possible. 

How we dealt with customer problems

After discussing with the client and having a team meeting about this issue, we found a solution. It was to change the workflow to allow end-users to save designs without login. The result of 3 days of investigating was this customized workflow: 


We would customize our online design tool to change the workflow as above. Once users design anything and click on the save design button, it will show a popup with 2 options: 

  • Click on the “Save In My Account” button: user will have to log in to save the design as normal 

  • Click on the “Save in Wishlist” button: the design will be saved on the user’s wishlist without a login

After checking the workflow, Lynx Digiprint Almelo agreed to move on with this idea. This function has taken 2 weeks to complete. Luckily, it has been finished successfully. 

Surely this function already helped our client to get rid of all of the worryings about annoying the users when they design any product on the website. We are very happy to give our client a solution to their problem. With this function, the user experience on the website Lynx Digiprint Almelo will be improved, no more angry customers. 

During the project, all the team has worked hard on user research and carefully investigated workflow in order to inform the excellent work done by the company sales team and developer team. 

Some words from Printcart team 

A business's website or app has the ability to leave a lasting impression on a customer. Whether that impression is good or bad can depend on a lot of factors. But the most important factor with a Printing website is the customer experience. If a brand doesn’t earn a customer’s trust and loyalty, they could end up. Every business will have a different approach to making sure they give the best customer experience, but the key areas that all companies need to work on are:

  • Maintaining cross-channel consistency

  • Ability to respond to customer preferences

  • Making things easy

Do not hesitate to share with us your problems. In Printcart, we offer all the eCommerce-related services in one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. Aside from premade solutions, customization services, Printcart also provides a wide range of services, such as:

  • Project analysis and management 

  • Software and website development 

  • Digital marketing and branding 

We are very happy to help you grow your business!

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