Printing doesn’t need to be complicated, which is why U Sticker was born

We have been touched by many business stories but you know, USticker is so special, they give us a lot of inspiration. That is an online business, located in Western Sydney, a family owner, and operated business. With 15 years of experience, They can assist any size business. Specializing in Sticker production via an online design tool or simple file uploaded that customers can design a custom sticker, adding fonts, images, and more, to suit your products or special needs. Everything will be easier when going to touch Usticker.

Usticker shared a lot of problems in business, they operate the corporation with the motto" with you and your business at the heart of everything we do". From the first point of contact, the communication throughout the process, the quality of what receive, and genuine care for the outcome of your prints, to the after support. Usticker is with you every step of the way! So come on over and enjoy the U Sticker It difference!

The story about Background Image from Usticker

As told to Printcart by Usticker

A few customers that are running projects related to online design features want to let their end-users set the background for the designs by picking a color on the color palette or picking an image from the image library. A smart investment we made was integrating our platform to the background image solution that could help us grow and improve UX for customers. 

Working in the field of Printing, background design, image, and color elements are extremely important. Both we and Usticker's representative are agreed. The background you choose can dramatically change your design and make your graphics feel complete. Colors background can be used as overlays to enhance brand awareness amongst your audience, while images could become excellent backgrounds when placed correctly.

When it comes to designing an advertisement, brochure, or flyer,...changing the background color of a design using suggested background image options to fit your aesthetic or handpick your background color palette of choice yourself is important. Backgrounds are the backbone of great design. Here’s why:

  • Backgrounds are the foundation of a successful composition.

  • Background textures and colors create depth and contrast, allowing graphics to stand out and get noticed.

  • Well-composed background images can help create space for you to overlay text.

  • Backgrounds can give design more context, providing supporting visual elements.

The Search Begins

When going through our evaluation process to determine what our needs and requirements were, we came across Printcart on Google. We reached out to our network of CTOs and found another startup that had evaluated a number of other providers in great detail, include Printcart. Their feedback helped us narrow the filed down to Printcart.

Furthermore, one of the best support from Printcart, we talked to the CEO, Huy Vu, which is rare for someone to be able to do. That gave us a clue that Printcart really valued the relationship. We found the customer service to be fantastic and super responsive

You know, designing with an empty page can be confronting. This feature was requested to be developed by one of our customers to be fit with their business model. In Printcart, we not only provide the pre-made solutions for eCommerce businesses but also offer services to customize our pre-made solutions to be tailored to fit with each business model.

Project implementation

The benefit of the feature implementation

Those are the benefits of using background image or background color in printing: 

Won’t alter the look of your printed elements

You’ll have the most accurate representation of your printed elements by printing the background on white paper. Inks are translucent, so they tend to take on the properties of whatever they’re printed on. When ink is printed onto a colored stock, the color will show through the ink, making the design look washed out. 

Get a greater range of design possibilities

When you print background, you have a greater amount of design flexibility. You can use more than one color, allowing you to create patterned, textured, or even photographic backgrounds. Ink can also be applied in a gradient for a fading effect that lets some of the white stock shine through for a lighter shade. 

Printing on white stock allows for truly pristine white images and text.

If your design contains white elements, using white stock with a printed color background is your best option for achieving an accurate white hue. When printing on white stock, the stock itself is used to create any white elements. If you place a white flower against a blue sky, only the blue part is printed; the white area is the stock showing through. 

How do we implement the feature? 

 For this kind of request, we will create a background tab on the left sidebar of the Printcart editor page. 

(Front-end display) 

(Back-end display) 

In the back-end background dashboard, admins could upload images directly from their devices. Those image files will be shown in the image library on the Printcart editor page. 

 On the editor page, it allows the end-users to: 

Upload images from their devices to set as background images

(choose an image to upload) 

(set the image as background) 

Pick a color from the color palette to set as solid background 


Pick an image from the library to set as the background image


Whether it’s a solid color, image background, or white background, choosing a background is an imperative part of the conceptual process. 

We hope this background design feature inspires you to take your creativity to the next level. Push your skills and try something new in your design, impress your customers and earn a lot of money. 

Making a big splash with Usticker

Everything functions at a lightning-fast pace and that’s really important when you have 4000 products available to sell. There are a lot of customers who voted five starts on the listing channels that related printing field. Voting is a really handy result for us as well. Product reviews and image galleries are a real boost to our SEO rankings. People leave a lot of reviews. It allows the display of an Instagram feed on the website, where customers can see how other people are using our products. They scroll through the pictures to view something they like. It is actually helping our conversion rate.

In addition, Printcart team gives us a look at upcoming features they plan to release as well, which gives us time to start planning how we will use those in the future. 

Are you wondering why we have so many customers and why do they trust us?

"Make friends with customers"

Listening and sharing with customers is the best way to grow your business. That is Printcart business motto. With almost 10 year experience in providing solutions for eCommerce and Printing businesses around the world, Printcart have deep knowledge about the Printing industry. Large projects and powerful solution packages are the results to prove our talent. let's view: Tshirt Solution, Printstore solution, Online Product designer Solution, Marketplace Solution. Moreover, we know that cost optimization is a priority for most businesses, especially for young startups. So we always talk and discuss with customers about their goals, challenges to advise bespoke eCommerce solutions to each organization.

In Printcart, we offer all the eCommerce related services in one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. Aside from premade solution, customization services, we also provides a wide range of services, such as:

  •  Project analysis and management 
  • Software and website development 
  • Digital marketing and branding 

If you are looking for a solution for your Printing eCommerce business, do not hesitate to contact our consultant for more details. We are very happy to help you grow your business.