The phrase “personalized product” encompasses a wide variety of products across various industries, from clothing and jewelry to artwork and stationery. The way in which these products are personalized can also vary widely. However, most personalized product design online tools come with these main personalized features: 

  • Text Adding/Editing

  • Image Upload

  • Clipart Adding

In another article, we already wrote about "Selling personalized products with image uploader". In today's article, we will tell stories about selling your personalized product with a custom text feature

Personalized Gifts with Custom text to Sell Online

Now it is so easy to sell personalized products like engraved jewelry, custom apparel, and specialized gifts with the new custom text option that many personalized product design online tools offer.

This feature lets your customers enter a custom text message on the product. Text input given by the customers will be placed added over the product which makes it easy for the customers to visualize how the end product will look. This custom text option also gives your shoppers a better buying experience. 

Let’s take a look at some kinds of personalized products sellers feel like adding custom text. 

Custom text Mug

Custom mugs are special mugs that have been customized with text or graphics to reflect the personality of the person who is receiving them. These mugs can be purchased from a variety of websites, and they come in a variety of colors, fonts, and designs.

The custom coffee mug industry has been growing for quite some time, and it is expected to grow even further in 2022. If you're interested in selling custom coffee mugs for 2022, the custom text is a must-have feature. 

There are several reasons why you should sell custom mugs on your web store. These custom coffee mugs can be given as gifts, they can be purchased to celebrate special events, and they can even be purchased to commemorate life milestones or big changes. Some people also prefer drinking their coffee from a mug that has been personalized for them, as it helps the mug feel like a more personal item.

Custom mugs are a great way to show one’s personality and/or support for a favorite cause or organization. Customizing the colors, font, and design on your mug will help create a one-of-a-kind custom mug that matches personal tastes and preferences.

custom text mugs

There will be a box for shoppers inputting the text. These texts will be shown on the position that the admin set up on the template. 

Shoppers also could see the preview image before going to the cart so that they could imagine how the final products will come out. 

Custom text Jewelry 

The jewelry industry has been slow to adapt to the world of eCommerce that apparel sellers embraced so quickly. But now jewelry is catching up fast. More and more people are now choosing custom jewelry over retail jewelry. These jewelry pieces are now becoming a trend. 

Choosing the right jewelry can make you feel special and unique. Everyone wants to buy a jewelry piece that suits their personality and style. That is where custom jewelry comes into play. 

Now, there are various types of custom jewelry that you can sell online. If you are confused about where to start, here are some of the best types of custom jewelry you can get.

Custom text rings

custom text rings

One of the most popular types of custom text rings is custom engagement/wedding rings. There are a lot of people who look to get a ring that is unique and reflects their personal style. That is why they prefer customizing their rings. Even if they are purchasing a ring for their partner, they can add a special touch to the ring that reflects the bond they share with their partner. You can give them the option to engrave the name, date, or even a unique design on the inner and/or outer band of the ring. 

custom text rings

Not only this, give them the right to choose more options to customize the ring, such as – the width, color selection, texture, and the size of the setting and stone.

custom text rings

Custom text necklaces/bracelets

The second very popular type is a custom text necklace or a custom text bracelet. Custom text necklaces and bracelets are some of the easiest pieces that can be crafted. Whether you want something simple or more stylish, you can get it with customization. 

custom text necklace

The store admin could let shoppers choose different custom text designs which could be set up in the back end. It could be the name, date, or a meaningful quote. 

custom text necklace

Once they choose the custom text design, it will lead to the design page so that they can input the text in the custom text box. 

custom text necklace

Custom text bottles

Personalized water bottles are a great way to promote your team, event, or business. There is a huge variety of bottles with different materials to choose from, like water bottles, wine bottles, candle bottles,... 

custom text bottles

Customizing bottles has never been easier with a product online design tool. Simply upload your logo or create a design from scratch using our huge library of artwork and fonts. 

custom text bottle

Vibrant, saturated colors, glossy finishes, crisp designs, and unique design concepts help custom bottles to really stand out on the retail shelf and lend themselves to promoting, not just a product line, but concepts and brands.

Custom Text Posters, Quote Pictures, Canvas

custom text typograph

Create a personalized poster with your words or a personalized painting with texts that will touch (the) the recipient of the gift and will necessarily please him. Personalized paintings are often printed on canvas and mounted on a wooden frame.  

By adding multiple text boxes for shoppers to input their own words, it becomes too easy to create a unique and meaningful poster or a painting as a gift or to decorate your house. 

custom text printing

Shoppers could edit the font style, font color, edit font style for each line. 

custom text printing

They could also choose the contour styles and choose the background color. 

custom text printing

Text T-shirts, Totes, Caps

People love clothes with messages! This is an incredibly rich product category that breaks down into a number of subcategories, all of which are niche markets on their own. 

custom text totes

Shoppers could customize their T-shirts, totes, or caps with their own design or use one of the premade templates to create a perfect look.

To start, pick the T-shirt style or color that best suits an event. When you’ve decided on the type of shirt you’d like, start customizing by choosing from a wide range of designs or uploading your own. You’ll be able to preview your T-shirt design and make any final tweaks before ordering.

custom text totes

Selling t-shirts online has become a popular choice, especially for entrepreneurs and artists looking for a relatively inexpensive way to learn how to start a business. Plus, the global market for the custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to eclipse $10 billion by 2025.

With the growth in popularity of selling t-shirts, there’s no doubt you’ll face some stiff competition. But by building a brand for a specific target audience and creating t-shirt designs your customers want with tailored personalized product design online tools you can find your own success.

How to start a custom text product printing business?

It's never been easier to express your creativity and sell personalized products online. Whatever niche you choose to serve or however ambitious you decide to be with your quality and designs, an online personalized product printing store makes for a great start-up business for new entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, it is so easy to develop an eCommerce website for selling personalized products online. 

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