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PRINTSHOP | Wordpress Printing Websites with Online Designer Packages

Yes, it is. It is also the difference between the Printshop theme on Themeforest and Printshop solution on Cmsmart.
On Themeforest: it is Lite Version with limited product design which you can download FREE
On Cmsmart: Printshop solution integrated Premium version that you can refer here:

Yes, of course.
Yes, of course. This is a function of Order upload plugin which integrated in our theme.
After you purchase our product successfully, you have 3 months to download and upgrade product (It depends on type of products)
This wordpress printshop theme was built following the best SEO to help your sales higher. With Yoast or all in one SEO plugin that we recommended you need to install into this Wordpress Printshop theme, we are believe your rank increase significantly.
You can always download the purchased items for life time as it still for sales status on the Cmsmart Marketplace. Please come to the Download section to immediately download the products right after payment.
However it is important to remember that when an item is removed from the Market sites, it will be removed from your Downloads page as well. We offer the download page as a convenience for buyers, but we can make no guarantees as to the ongoing availability of the files you have purchased.
Yes! You should know that PayPal supports including all major types of Credit cards. Visit PayPal for more information. So you still can pay via PayPal with your credit card or E-check. We also support Credit Card payment via and Skrill.
The download link always is automatically sent to your payment email within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox, open your confirmation email and there is your own product download link. You can also check the Download menu in your Profile C-Panel on Cmsmart to see the download link

Yes, our package does support multi-languages, then you can easily translate it into your wanted languages.

Yes, you can check the demo backend as below:

First: Please put your email in this area (http:/

First: Please put your email in this area (

Next: After you register successfully, please go your email or spam email to receive the account to test our package.

Yes, it is. All layouts will fit and look great on different size of devices like desktop, mobile phone, and tablet. 

The Enterprise Package is the best choice for you in this case. You can create a marketplace site with multivendor feature integrated in the Enterprise package. This feature allows you get many sellers/ vendors sell their products on your site and you can get commission per each sales vendors to get.

To give the best service to the customer, we offer free installation to customers who buy one of these 3 packages. Means that our dev team will install the whole package for FREE for you. 

Yes, you can. After purchase, we will install the whole package exactly our demo for you including demo data or demo images. 

Yes, you can install the package on many different domains. But remember that we only give the support, and updates based on the domain licenses you buy from us.

Yes, it is. We always try to release new version regularly so that customer can get the updated package which can work well with the latest version of WP and Woo-commerce. 

In this case, we will offer the upgrade option for you with the different price between the packages. For example, if you purchase the premium package $799, then 3 months later, you want to move on with enterprise package $1,249 then you will pay the difference $450.

The printshop theme on TF is a printing theme with the basic features (standard plugins) and it has 5 unique home layouts while the full package includes 21 awesome home layouts (10 home layouts for Printshop (Site Origin) and 11 home layouts for Printcart (Visual Composer)) with many special and advanced features (advanced plugins integrated) such as Online designer tool, Order Upload, CRM, Inventory Management or other sales and marketing plugins.

Our package can run well on both Shared-hosting and Dedicated Hosting. Besides, we also provide the hosting and maintenance package for the site. You can refer at this link:

We focus on running the business, we will take care of the website for you. 

Yes, of course. Our product is built on open-source code.

If you have experience in using the website and good at code, you can customize it by yourself. In case you have your own ideas and don’t know how to customize it, you can contact us.

Not only provide the theme, extensions or full package but we also offer customization service to fulfill customers’ demand. You just need to send the requests, then our developer team will check and give you a quotation for extra development.

We provide to customer a full  Prinstore solution for your website, including printshop template with many a lot of premium plugins integrated for your website.  Recently, eCommerce is not only about transaction any more. To survive, companies are now have to carry out all facets of their businesses online, from customer interactions to extended supply-chain management with trading partners. So, they are demanding more than just online transaction support. They need  a website that helps them build relationships with customers or online marketplace model. Understanding this, we provide eCommerce solutions that include website builder tools, web development software, online website development platforms, mobile app builders, payment gateway integration, shipping service providers, technical assistance, customer support, and so on. In CMSMART, we offer all the eCommerce related services at one place for varying sizes of businesses, from startups to enterprise-grade businesses. 

We divide it into 4 packages, details as below:

+ Printshop Package (799$): Suitable for any Print Agency or Print on Demand Startup. It includes Powerful Website Layouts + Order upload+ Online Designer management feature+ Online Designer Printing Pricing option + Website sales & marketing feature. The price is 799$ and you ll get 6 month of a support period . After 6 months, you need to pay $149 to update to the latest version (~$24/month)


+ Printshop Premium Package (1249$):Suitable for Most Web2Print Project that needs Powerfull Sales & Marketing & Online Designer Features.  It includes all features of printshop package + Extra features like this + Designer Marketplace. The recurring fee is $249 every 6 months (~$42/month)


+ Printshop Marketplace Package (2499$): Suitable for any Printing Business that needs Designer Marketplace, Advance Multiple Vendor Features and Constant Support. It has all features of Printshop Premium Package + Multiple vendor-Store manager/seller features + Multiple vendor-admin features. The recurring fee takes $249 every month


+ Printshop Enterprise Package (4499$):  Suitable for Print Corporation with High Volumns Sales Order, B2C & B2B development and need Personalized Support Monthly. It includes all features of Printshop Marketplace Package + Multiple vendor- advance features with enterprise sales & Operation. The recurring fee is $499 every month.



We offer different packages at a different price to perfectly fit small businesses like startups to medium businesses and large enterprises, we would like to give customers flexible choices.

+ Save more & Long term rewarding: With the full package, you can save both time & money, also avoid conflict while trying to install templates and a lot of extension seperately.


+ Better support & Maintenance: With the model of recurring fee, customer can get our support and maintenance for the website: fix bugs, guide you how to configuration/setting, training you how to use the system.


+ More benefit & Extra Service Included: As you see, in the monthly recurring fee, there are extra benefits and service options offered to customers. Just purchase the package you want and we implement all the benefits and extra service on your website.


+ Easy going & Cancel anytime: With the flexible payment, we create the options for customers for recurring payment to keep or not. If they do not like to keep recurring fee, they can cancel it any time they like.



+ More Secure & Flexible payment: We offer different packages at a different price to perfectly fit small businesses like startups to medium businesses and large enterprises, we would like to give customers flexible choices.

As we explained at pricing model, after purchasing the solution, you can get the license of the package with a support period (depends on the package you purchases, there will be different support periods, maybe 6 months of every month). During your support period, you can get all updates  of the package and benefits of customizations mentioned in the packages you bought on our landing page.

We will set up and help you install on your website.


Of course, if you have any own requirements or any ideas for your own website, please share it with our sales consultant. They will listen to all your request and clarify all things to make sure they are understood properly and we- CMSMART and you are on the same page. Then we will reach to agreement of the scope of working for your project and related terms such as payment or delivery time.

We follows the Agile development methodology. We deliver our solution through weekly sprints. We ensure a transparent process with clear milestones. We use project management tools/systems which should be mentioned as Slack, Jira, & Cloodo.

Our implementation consists of 6 steps:

- Onboard and kickup: Invite you to our channels, you can chat directly with our dedicated team working on your projects and clarify all questions.   

- Setup and Installtion:  Our team will collaborate with customers to make sure all requirements are understood correctly. We follow the Agile development methodology. We update & deliver our progress through weekly sprints

- Testing and acceptance: During this stage, we will set weekly meeting for customers to test and give any feedback/comments or questions for improvement, design, workflow and functions changes, or technique aspects.  At the end of the meeting, we will discuss and agree on how to improve, any adjustments, or any new requirements.

- Extra customization and extra options: Once the customer accepts the result from the previous stage, they also add extra requirements or extra options. We will customize and adjust all the new adjustments based on customer's demands. Of course, any extra tasks may require extra cost.

- Go Live: when everything is ready, we move to go live with the system. During this phase, we will get the system up and running, you only focus on your business.


- Maintenance and further development:  We offer the maintenance service to make sure there is no delay in support, fix bugs  or training your staff the best way to use the system. Any further development could be raised and requested to our dedicated team to make the system perfect for your business and your customer's experience. 

Well, as per our experience, a lot of customers would like to change the workflow to suite their business.


We understand different businesses face different problems with different workflows. You completely tell us your ideas then we will draw your own workflow based on your ideas and develop it as per your requests. 


At Cmsmart, we don't just sell a product/service, but also provide a solution to your problem. All service can be provided at one place- CMSMART. Not only for website development, Cmsmart also helps you to connect with potential customers via digital marketing: support you in graphic design, set up email marketing, content marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, and branding.


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