Blog Extension for Magento 2 helps your customers get the latest new about your business via beautiful images, useful information, and unique posts

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Who use Magento 2 Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog Extension- Comprehensive Solution for Your Magento Blog


Are you looking for a way to engage more and more customers to your shop? Blog Extension For Magento 2 is the best solution for this problem. You can use the blog to provide information about products, promotions, sales and discounts or just make it a source of fun content.

Magento Blog Show Information

Magento Blog Show Information

Show the latest information in a professional way so that you can engage and attract a huge amount of visitors to the Magento website.

Update Magento Web information

Update Magento Web information

Update information of your shop such as news, discounts, sales, new products, trends, events... continuously to your customer.

Social Sharing on Magento Blog

Social Sharing on Magento Blog

Allow your customers to share your posts on Facebook, Linkedin, or wherever else and it lets customers know more about your business.

Communicate Customer on Blog

Communicate Customer on Blog

Gives you an opportunity to communicate with your regular customers on comment function and attract casual visitors.

Magento Website SEO-friendly

Magento Website SEO-friendly

Build relevant SEO-friendly text links that influence search engine rankings and serve as assistance in building sales strategy.

Manage content with Extension

Manage content with Extension

Help you organize and manage content, articles, images category for posts on the Magento website methodically and scientifically.

Magento 2 Blog Extension Development

Magento 2 Blog extension is a must-have tool for any online store on Magento If you want to grow and increase search engine optimization for your website. Once integrated into the Magento backend, this powerful module allows you to open a blog and manage categories, posts, comments with ease. Besides, Magento 2 blog extension is extremely easy to set up and update.

M2 Blog |  Magento 2 Blog Extension Development Workflow

Magento 2 Blog Development Features

Build your own Magento eCommerce blog and write amazing content with your brand. The unique features below will help you improve your SEO and expand your customer reach.

Overview of the Special Features of Magento Blog Extension

Magento 2 Blog extension is the perfect marketing tool for your business that not only provides updated information, knowledge, news to your existing customers but also drives more new visitors to your online store.

Attract more visitors to your Magento Blog website

Attract more visitors to your Magento Blog website

Magento Blog Extension is a properly structured, and media-rich blog. Enhance the value for Blog with quick customer-oriented navigation. Enjoy many ways of customizing the blog page's layout. Easy to add any type of content in a few clicks.

  • Enhance Magento blog navigation
  • Create catchy Magento posts
  • Adjust each post display
  • Provide more info about authors
  • Display related products
  • Customize blog layout

Optimize the UX on your Magento blog

  • Responsive design: With Magento 2 Blog Extension, you can provide reading information not only from a desktop but also from tablets and smartphones.
  • Speed up blog pages and improve mobile browsing: Our extension enables you to turn any Magento blog page into an accelerated mobile page. Articles on blog pages are loaded in a split second and offer a smooth experience on any mobile screen.
  • Engage visitors with catchy layouts: Easily choose the most relevant widget type that matches your aims: category widget, recent posts, recent comments widget, and etc.
  • The add-on is also fully compatible with the Multi Magento theme.

Optimize the UX on your Magento blog
Efficiently manage your blog in one place

Efficiently manage your blog in one place

Make any custom in posts, categories, tags, and author information through the handy grids from the Magento backend. Always keep in communication channel with your potential customers via the options for comments monitoring.

  • Easily manage blog posts
  • Properly arrange blog categories
  • Track all tags in one place
  • Manage all visitors' comments
  • Manage authors' info

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