Reasons To Sell Your Product On Cmsmart Martketplace

Each magento project is our chance to deliver high quality services

We do testing process to enhance product quality

Only quality, no bugs and powerful functional product can be trusted and used by your CMS users. We have internal testing team with great experience and deep skills in testing qualification to make sure you have a great product, even it is a very simple product. This will bring your name up!

We have pool of client database who trust our brand name

Cmsmart has being done business over 2 years with 10.000 real client around the Global, we were trusted and our products is using by over 20,000 websites. Your product will instantly approach this pool of clients without any fee

We give you a Centralized Support Ticket for free

Cmsmart cooperate with cloodo.com, a leading project management system specialize on CMS market to help you manage your ticket for free but on most professional ticket system in the worlds. You client will be happy with this ticket system.

We are building Cmsmart.net to become the best selling system for you

Since 2010 we start Cmsmart.net and constantly improving its functions, making it more powerful traffic, more friendly-use inerface, running faster and stable in a strong cloud Amazon server. With Cmsmart.net selling marketplace, you keep a smooth mind and focus your time on your own product.

We give your product Top 1-5 on Google Search

we have taken thousands of hours to develop SEO ranks for all keyword of Cmsmart category and product name. Your product will be optimized to display on top of market. Just do some search on some of Cmsmart product to see its ranking, 80% of our products is on top 1-4 on Google search result

We pay in time and flexible with high share for you

Other marketplace can take up to 70% of your profit, do a strict submission process but just do a few to promote your product; we are not like that. We give a stable share with you and commit to work with you in long-term with solid investment in our business. We also release the payment to you very flexibly with all the payment method that you can have.

We help your clients to find you and your products

Our consultant team instantly provide better guider, articles, videos, search functions and product filters base on different of criteria to help your clients find your products and chose what they want the best.

We understand developers and respect your works

Before entering our system to become a marketplace, we have been being a CMS developer like your for Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and Virtuemart products. We understand what you are working, what you want, what your strong points and what is your weakness and we want to worvk with you like work with us.

We can list your product on official CMS directory succesfully

our consultant has years of experience worked with all the best CMS directory like Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop... directory and we know how to make your product accepted with the most strict submission guideline. It means your product will be reach by stream of CMS users globally.

We do marketing for you and product like ours

90% of developersare technical persons and their strong points are not marketing. That why some times you cannot make more money with you great product, but we can do it for you. From Google Paid Ad, SEO, Email Marketing, Forum, Testimonials, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Press release, Video marketing…we are experts and are doing this daily to all products on Cmsmart. Now you just focus on developing great product and let us do the rest for you.''''Social Media""

We help you to mange your sale activities and operating

From payment, download troubleshoot, refunds claims, order and sale report, client statics and ask for product testimonials as well as show case the happy clients, we do it for you and work with you daily to maximize your small business. You save thousands of hours and money on human resources!

We make up your product to its strong points

We have internal design and copywriting team who both understand CMS product and market demands. We will keynote the bestselling points of your products as well as using banner, video to give a most understandable product presentation.

Selling digital products is easy


Easily add your digital products and customize your account settings.


Secure download links are emailed automatically to your customer.


Sell from any website and the money goes directly to your PayPal account.


View real-time statistics as well as complete order and download history.

Customer who are impressed!

Congratulations to CMSMart Team for the excellent job! This template is a top quality product. The support team works very fast and efficiently. I had all my questions answered and all issues solved.
Posted by: Maiay Longar

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

I love this theme. After buying, I had few issues with it and needed the theme to look like the demo. I contacted the support theme, he was extremely helpful and solved the all problems I encountered. Great after sale support. Thank you guys so much!
Posted by: Stephen Miller

Web Developer, Italian

Wonderful extensions and one of the best support ever offered by a magento extensions selling company. Great support and professional...
Posted by: Jennifer

Web Developer, USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cmsmart.net is a download marketplace for Content Management System, there are many ways to stay involved with the community. Whether you're a potential buyer or a seller looking to make some money or an affiliate who is ready to promote the marketplace, we're sure that you've got a few questions. We have assembled a list of our most commonly asked questions. The list will be continually evolved as we encounter new questions. Check back frequently...

1.Do you have any useful tips to help authors earn more money?

Yes! The guideline of product submission is the first step to help you sell more and more products, please strictly follow it. Also, there are dozens of articles explaining and helping author in Cmsmart.net is marketplace blog.

2.How do authors get paid?

Author will be paid via bank transfer, Paypal, 2Chechout when when he reach the payment threshold of 100USD. The payment transaction will be done monthly at 1st of each month as well as you place a fund withdraw request.

3.Do you have a referral program?

We are developing this referral program and not suppling at this time.

4.Do I retain the rights to my own file?

Yes, it is your file. We just provide a venue to sell it.

5.Can my payment rate ever go down?

Nope, unlike some of the other major marketplaces your rate will never go down, regardless of sales volume. The payment rate which is mostly accepted is 60/40 with 60 for you and 40 for Cmsmart. The payment rate can be depend on each partnership.

6.Are files reviewed or will you accept anything?

Each file goes through a rigorous reviewing process to make sure the quality is top notch. That is why so many buyers choose our marketplaces over those that accept lower quality files.

7. Can I make more money by selling exclusively with Cmsmart.net?

Yes you are mostly welcomed! Our supervisor will consult you more detail on this.

8. Is exclusivity based on the author or the individual file? Meaning, could I sell one file here and sell a completely different one on my own site?

Exclusivity is on a per file basis so yes, as long as the files are completely different, you could sell one here and one on your site.

9. Who is responsible for copyright violations in files I've submitted?

As the author, it's your responsibility to make sure you're not violating anyone's copyright by uploading your file. If you're unsure if you're allowed to use an asset within your file, ask the asset's owner or a lawyer. However in most case, our account suppervisor with give as much as help to your case! We will not give you alone.

10. Who determines the price of my file?

All files are priced by Cmsmart.net and its staff, to ensure prices consistently reflect factors such as quality, complexity, potential demand and license type. However in most case, author give a suggest price for their own works and we will consider to approve that price.

11. Am I required to support the files I upload?

Providing support is a great way to ensure repeat business from buyers.

12. Are there file types that you already have plenty of that you no longer accept?

If a category is over saturated, that just means the quality standards go up. You'll have to give it a unique spin or make it much nicer looking for it to be approved.


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