If you are looking to start a business in today’s digital world, going online is one of the wisest options. It is cost-effective, gives you access to a broad customer network, and is easy to handle even for online sellers. Particularly, if you are starting a web-to-print business, you cannot do much better than Magento 2 for your choice of platform.

What is Web-to-print?

Essentially, web-to-print is a production model in which businesses can use online tools to create high-quality print products consistent in look and feel. It uses templates that businesses can customize or create unique designs for marketing brochures, signage, t-shirts, mugs, trophies, and more to reflect their branding and content plan while ensuring that each piece is identical.

These software tools come with print-ready, personalizable templates for a wide range of products — from brochures and business cards to posters and newsletters — to save the customers’ time and shorten the purchase cycle by giving them whatever they need.

What is Web-to-print Template?

magento template

Now, getting products printed from a web-to-print platform is as easy as going online and placing an order. Users get access to the web-to-print library of designs where store admin keeps all print-ready customized templates for customer use.

Buyers love customization, but they also like to have the option of picking an attractive template as is when they are short on time. Magento product design tool should have a variety of templates to cover different products, such as brochures, newsletters, business cards, menus, flyers, banners, and signage, as well as options to suit different seasons (Christmas, spring, Halloween) and color palettes (earthy, neutral, ocean, pastel).

The users can personalize elements and order as much as they need at any given time and have complete control over every stage, from the choice of template to the order quantity to the type of material on which the product will be printed. 

CMSMART M2 Designer is a “print on demand” extension that allows customers to customize and design the products simply from the storefront.

Customers can upload images, add text, add shapes, adjust layouts, change color and font styles.

The module offers the advanced tool for customizing and personalizing products with a smooth interface. Thanks to it, customers can customize the product and see the changes in real-time.

CMSMART M2 Designer is very useful for merchants who are selling personalized products such as printed t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, photo gifts, etc.

It has a ton of options available for customizing the product. And the admin can create multiple templates for each product to save customers’ time. There are many predefined products and templates available where customers can alter specific components such as typeface, images, or layout before checking the preview of their efforts – the final look of the end product they have tailored to their needs. 

But it is also possible to give them the option to create them from scratch, use their vivid imagination to the extent they want, and use their skills. 

You will find the most popular web-to-print features in CMSMART M2 Designer:

  • Manage fonts, clipart, colors, etc.; 

  • Manage template fields 

  • Manage designs

  • Save and share designs 

  • Image Uploader

This design tool offers plenty of opportunities to turn your online store into a comprehensive design studio. It is there for customers accessing the ecommerce shop from any device. It also helps shoppers add more personalization to the items at your web store by printing on slogans, personal pictures, and text they choose on the merchandise you sell.

Manage Template Options

Creating and managing templates is a big task in any web-to-print store. To help you accomplish this big task very easily, CMSMART M2 Designer already offered an advanced template builder module. Store admin can easily design templates, associate them to particular products, and different categories. 

For more information about this powerful extension, feel free to contact our consultant at sales@cmsmart.net with all of your inquiries for private support.

In this article, I would like to introduce one useful feature which is requested by one of CMSMART’s clients called “Manage Template Options”

We all understand that every business is unique. Sometimes, a ready-to-use extension could not meet all of your business requirements. That is why we offer customization service for our plugins, extensions and eCommerce solutions. 

We are sure that every business should look for customized software which will help them to upgrade their setup and lead them to those features which will help their business to upgrade. 

This time, this client faced a problem with the template management. They want CMSMART to build an extra field on the attribute tab so the admin can either choose to have the same design size for all sizes or input product size, design area for each size. With this feature, he could manage and edit all the templates more conveniently and effectively which could help to save a lot of time. 

Normally, with CMSMART M2 Designer, store admin needs to go to product setting page to create or edit the product attributes and create the product templates. 

For one product, the store admin could create unlimit templates. However, he needs to create one by one. Here is How To Create Online Design For Products With Magento 2 Online Design Extension

After we deploy the Manage Template Options feature on your Magento store, store admin could save tons of time on managing and editing the product templates. Instead of opening each product to edit the attributes, and create the template one by one, the store admin could manage and edit all the templates in one dashboard, and assign chosen template to products.

Let me explain this amazing feature in detail!

magento template option

Firstly, from the template library, the store admin can choose the template that he or she wants to edit. 

magento template settings

On the template setting page, the store admin can choose to assign the chosen template to products or customize the template. 

template assign

Once the store admin opens the template assignment page, there will be a list of products. Store admin can assign the template to products by clicking on the check box. The template will be applied to all checked products. 

There is also a filter for store admin to find the products in a quick and convenient way!

template customize

On the other hand, store admin could easily customize the template in the template customization page. Store admin could edit the product attributes, add value, disable value, choose default value,...all are set up easily from a one-stop dashboard. 

After reading about this feature, if you are inspired and want to get more information, do not hesitate to send us an email at sales@cmsmart.net. Our consultant will contact you immediately with useful information.

Start Your Web-to-Print With CMSMART!

Magento is a preferred platform for eCommerce web-to-print. Why?

Web-to-print solutions have revolutionized the printing industry as they are the cornerstone of the consumer trend of customized and personalized products. With the increasing demand for customization and personalization in products and consumer experiences, the printing industry has been aggressively adopting the web to print solutions for their print commerce stores.

Magento is arguably the best eCommerce platform for large and small retailers alike. Its “open source” programming allows web developers to customize every single feature of online stores. Open source means that the code used to create a software is copyright-free. In other words, anyone can access the code and change it. This provides an unlimited level of customization. Furthermore, when a developer creates a new feature or functionality, they can share it with other developers. Thus, the diversity and usability of Magento continues to expand. 

While the demand for print commerce stores is on the rise, so is the demand for Magento product configurator solutions. If you are one of the Magento print store owners, you might have noticed that with the increasing demand, there are many product designer tools available in the market too.

If you are ready to expand your operations at a fraction of the cost and get a lot of the work off of your plate, CMSMART is ready to help. We can handle everything from helping you develop your eCommerce website, developing your product designer tool, developing your shipping and distribution system and even assisting with marketing and other fulfillment solutions. 

Our professional teams understand what it takes to deliver efficient service with high-quality results and we’re ready to get started so call us today.

Flora Nguyen

Shop Owner