When finding products on an online store, customers usually have questions:

How to get my wanted product in the fastest way?

How to see product detail in shortest time?

Bla bla…

Then, if you are running a Magento store, do you have the solution to answer and make the shopping task of your customers easier, speedier and more effective? Let me say you must-have navigation extensions of a Magento site.

At first, navigation extensions are modules with the aim to make your site easy to navigate including viewing products, searching items and adding them to cart to make purchase. They must ensure that your site does not need more time to load any information or move to another page to show details of a product but your customers understand what they are seeing, finding and getting.

Must-have navigation extensions of your Magento store come from NetBase store named: Magento Mega Menu extension; Magento Layered Navigation extension; Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest; and Magento Quick View extension.

Magento layered Navigation Extension

This powerful tool is created to make your store faster and handier, enhancing user-experience and increasing online-purchase on your site as the result.

Outstanding features:

+ Magento Layered navigation module allows web-store owners to create unlimited filter attribute and manage theme. Thus, instead of searching step by step as the default process, it will optimize and improve navigation of your store, decreasing time-consuming of your customers while your page loads.

+ Navigation function is more flexible and user-friendly than ever thanks for this add-on. It allows users to indicate all product parameters without choosing any attributes one by one to find their right item. It is considered as time-saving tool of your shoppers.

+ It gives customers ability to do shopping by brands, by colors, price sliders and other numeric filters. Besides, multiple attributes of filter search results and option are supported, allowing them to save much time while searching products on your page. Also, searching tool is improved by Ajax tool which helps customers see more items in less time without loading more pages. Therefore, your customers might find it very convenient and enjoyable while shopping on your Magento store.

+ For admin, it is easy to install and customize the extension on your site with layered navigation design, ability to upload image to display for each properties selection as well as manage navigation filter attribute in separate tab, creating advanced categories menu and more.

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest

If you are finding an ideal option of search tool for your Magento site, it might be Magento Ajax search Autocomplete and suggest, the most flexible way to add Ajax powered quick search.

Outstanding features of the module:

+ This is the best tool to simplify the searching as well as loading page of a Magento site through Ajax technology, giving customers search results as fast as possible. Customers are possible to see their search products through thumbnail page via pop-ups.

+ Ajax search extension allows your shoppers to complete their search by Category, Instant look, attributes, and product’s attribute while showing suggested terms and matched categories, CMS pages relevant to contents or highlighted matched terms. It can be said that with ajax search tool, anything related to products that customers are finding will be shown in the easiest way for customers to understand and find their favorite product at their convenience.

+ The module is installed into your Magento store to satisfy viewers more, increasing your online revenue and helping you serve your audiences in the best way. Searching by keyword and other attributes ensures to conquer users once shopping on your site.

+ And you, admin can completely configure product’s details, search by category, pop-up skin, highlight texts, product’s thumbnails, and enable or disable category results as you wish easily. You have full ability to configure the module in hope creating a powerful search tool for customers, save their shopping time as much as possible.

Magento Quick View Extension

Add one item into your Magento store to make your site easier and faster navigation with Product Quick View extension. With this module, you have customers quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page.

Outstanding features of Magento Quick View module:

+ This is a complete solution of saving time for customers to reduce time budget of shopping on your store. Just a Click on the product, customers does not need to go back and forth on category listing and product pages many times to find their items. It is because Magento quick view extension displays all information of product in a light box for customers to see when they click on quick view icon of it.

+ Magento quick view extension is highly considered for the great feature that enhances users-experience in browsing your store. This is the best way to prevent users from reloading pages more due to see full description while customers are able to instantly buy products without wasting time or risks of leaving page for slow loading. In case the description is too long, don’t worry because a slider will be ready to serve your customers.

+ How customers view their wanted products? When a customer clicks on Quick view icon of an item, a Window with product information such as images, information, attributes, price, review, Add to Cart button and so on of a product are shown in an order of clear tabs.

+ Also, you let customers see the final version of that product without any worries of returning result from customer frustration. Customers can zoom images and eventually choose their favorite product. Thanks for convenient tools, customers are able to add products to cart from a pop-up and do their online purchase. Hence, they save much time from viewing to getting purchase of your products. This module ensures to encourage and increase more and more sales on your store.

+ Meanwhile, you have full ability to configure contents from quick view pop-up from back-end, stylize it as well as easily configure thumbnails and create a clear view of each product for your customers. You save more time of your customers and at the same time, more time of yours with the module to install, configure and boost your business.

Magento Mega Menu Extension

No where can you find a more perfect solution of mega menu than Magento Mega Menu extension. The module is highly considered for a lot of innovative functions that promise to serve your customers in the most enjoyable way. Once installing the extension to your site, you bring a full view of products through advanced menu, categories as well as blocks.

It is very helpful for viewers to see an all-rounded size of your products, and store as well. From that, the save much time to find their wish-list product while enjoying shopping moments. You can be sure of enhancing user-experience and getting more and more sales as the result with just $79.86 that is difficult to see in Magento market.

Outstanding features of Mega Menu extension:

+ 3 Menu Layouts:

+ Horizontal Magento navigation menu: The extension gives you an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories and products easily. Categories are shown for customers to choose as they wish.

+ Vertical Magento navigation menu: With this innovative function, all name categories are hided in main Menu that makes your site neat and clean.

+ Horizontal and Vertical Menu at the same time: There are both kinds of menu display on menu at your customer favorites

+ 4 Clear and Neat Statistic Blogs on menu structure: Put images and information of products in order for shoppers to have an overall but complete understanding.

+ 6 Sub Menus are available and shown on the Homepage or product View page. With Sub category, you can narrow product search, even no needs of search tool.

+ Mega Menu extension has a responsive template, adapting any displays from Smart-phones, Desktop, Laptop to Tablet without any problems on presentation. More importantly, this tool can be used for all Magento themes.

+ Give you ability to attract customers’ eyes by all means: Hot, new and featured products are displayed right on the Menu. Also, impressive blocks are placed as you wish, on top, at left or right or bottom. Category labels are created of each category to catch viewers’ sight more easily. The icons on category and background color are very important to make your site clearer and considered more highly.

+ For admin, you are easy to understand how to install, configure and customize the extension at your wish. Right at the admin panel, web-store developer can arrange anything on menu via several clicks, choosing what to display. You are possible to hide or show sub categories on Menu and thumbnails, making the menu simple to understand.

+ Custom block: You can select where a block is placed. It can be on top, left, right or bottom. You also can set block width on right or left side. Then option to hide or show blocks. It allows you to configure mega menu from admin panel: You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link that is only applied for horizontal menu, vertical or both of styles.

As the Magento trend currently, bringing best user-experience to your customers is the most effective way for you to have more loyal fans as well as sales. Among that, easy navigation plays a very crucial role. Once customers are satisfied with shopping on your site as well as finding their wanted products in the best time, they might come back and do more purchases of your products. Why don’t you take these extensions to achieve More?