I was looking into your theme 'Wordpress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Packages' & I have to admit its really amazing. Great work!

I wanted to make a purchase of that theme as well as demo installation package.

Before I was to make a purchase, I went through buyer protection policies and realised the refund policy states:

"If refund is accepted, the value of refund will be CHANGED INTO REWARD POINTS for buyers. We will not ISSUE REFUND BY MONEY"

So if I want to make a purchase just one time, and the product did not work as advertised, I am NOT entitled for my money? Giving points is fine for regular customers, but what about one time customers?

I make often purchases on envato cause of the support blanket they provide. My request to you is: The above mentioned theme being a wordpress theme, if you could sell it on themeforest, you would get a a lot more potential customers, including myself. I am ready to purchase the theme even for slightly higher price if sold on themeforest.

Please consider my request. I apologise if I seemed rude.

Thank You

Best & Regards,

Aditya Parab