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Resize Anchors outside of printable area

Is there a way to make it so if you have a image or text box that goes outside of the printable area to still have the resize circles appear outside of the canvas?  It seems all the other product...
By Brian

NBDesigner + Wordpress Multisite : No Valid Plugin Were Found

Hi. I have purchased NBDesigner plugin. I am trying to install to my Wordpress Multisite, but it returns error (see image). "The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were...
Azrul Izzam
By Azrul Izzam

Active license key

HelloI can't activate the plugin pro version. When i am click remove button then show massage" Remove license key Unsuccessfully! ". Please help.Thanks
Md Gulam Saruar
By Md Gulam Saruar

features wordpress

Hello, I need to buy only price matrix, order upload and online designer for wordpress.Which are their prices?thank you
By Monica


Can I use this software to create photobooks like vistaprint ( ?
K. Morrison
By K. Morrison

editing options from cart and hiding add to cart button bugs

HiJust seeing if anyone else has found a solution to this big issue,when you use the following settings, hide add to cart and separate artwork buttons 1. if the user uses edit options from...
Kunal Pabari
By Kunal Pabari

How to use Template type Business Cards for just Buisness Card Product Page

How to use Template type Business Cards for just Buisness Card Product Page & Banner Template type for Banner Product Page ?All Product Pages display the same templates..Any help is...
By Steve

my nb design tool doesnt upload

i having to many issues with the design tool, not uploading
By Edwin

Assign same template to different products

Is it possible to assign a template to multiple products. We would like to create e.g. 10 different greetingcards products, which all has the same templates. (e.g. product greetingcard bird yellow,...
Geert Herder
By Geert Herder

Google Map API

How to obtein API for MAP?
By jimmy

Difference between wp printshop solution on cmsmart and theme on themeforest?

I found the FAQ page with the answer to this question but the link is broken....
By elyon

Missing font in PDF

I have a problem with the font them downloading to a PDF after purchase. How do I "lock" the font so it stays the same in the downloaded PDF? When I download a PDF the font that I used in the...
By Louise

404 when add to cart

I have several products in my store... some with and some without nbdesigner.on occassion i get a 404 page not found error when adding something to the cart.please help and what do i do in the future...
Olaf van Gastel
By Olaf van Gastel

Question about plugin and multisite

Hy,  Is your module compatible with Wordpress multisite? I need to use it for several sites with different subdomains. I would like to be able to activate options depending on the site, is...
By fevre

Product demo

i bought a plugin and am interested in how Demo can be usedThere are 24 demos available for your business, we will update more and more demos to adapt your requirements??
By elma

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