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is anyone else having trouble saving templates?

Is there a file size limit or something when saving templates in NB Designer? My templates won't save when creating new ones - does anyone else have a similar problem? Wondering what i can do? 
By Yasmin

Such a bad company. Anybody good experiences?

Selena?I think she is doing nothing. She is playing a game.I paid 200 usd for custom coding and she is not able to set it up.Today she told me again she does not work on Saturday... it is...
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Is there any working website with Teeshop and NB Designer out there?

I have a question - is there any working website here?Could anybody send me a reference link for the Teepro Template and the NB designer working? I bought the plugin and template almost 1 year...
Sabrina Maes
By Sabrina Maes

Nb designer

In some of the greeting card design we want to add rectangle, square and round placeholder to browse image, is it possible?
mehul jamang
By mehul jamang

Wordpress version compatibility?

Hi,We love this theme as we are about to open an online fishing products store. Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 5.7 and do you ensure complete compatibility with all updated versions of...
Mike W
By Mike W

Big Lots 25% OFF Coupon In Beautiful March 2021

Dear beloved customers!Tet Holiday has just passed, the new year with many opportunities and challenges are waiting for us. Now let's smile together and welcome to beautiful March. We have an...
Rose Helen
By Rose Helen

I want to purchase Nb designer

Hi, I want to purchase NB designer 6 months subscription. I can pay 40$ in every 6 month
Md Islam
By Md Islam

Does it work with Joomla 3.9.23 and VM 3.8.7

Just buy it... and nothing work correctly ....Install : OKParams : OKFilter don't work .... a lot of money for nothing like Dire Straits !
Jean-Claude Giraud
By Jean-Claude Giraud

Edit Customer Design

It could be a good function the possibility to edit customer's design without order, ex. if the customer saves his design only!
By jimmy

What should i buy if i want to create website exacly like NBDesigner Demo

Hi, i want to ask..  if i want to create web exacly like this NBDesigner Demo :   What lists of themes/plugin i should buy ?  as far as i...
Muhammad Akbar
By Muhammad Akbar

update the tutorial

update the tutorial its old and not clear
majed bannani
By majed bannani

Store locator page

Hello!I have created a store in the store locator module, but on the frontend when I click on the store page it redirects me to 404. How can I create the store page or is it supposed to be created...
By dsasadasdasd

We Will Publish A Guest Post On Our Site With Dofollow Backlinks

Did you know, having a backlink from a Google News Approved website is 1,000 times better than a normal website?We will give you a permanent DOFOLLOW backlink from our UR 46 / DR 77 Tech website...
Sam Smith
By Sam Smith

Super Markdown 30% - “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together”

World Food Day is celebrated on 16th October every year over the world to commemorate the incorporation date of The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This is the Food Science...
By Tunie

404 add to cart products

Hi, I have a trouble, and it's amazing that i can't find a simple explanation about permalinks form Wordpress Printshop.I have some 404 errors and I secure that is a permalink problem config. I need...
Caio Oliveira
By Caio Oliveira

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