Print on demand T-shirt is a low investment and low risk business comparing to other direct selling agencies. However, due to its significant advantage, there are more and more shop owners involving into the industry. That’s why designing a unique and outstanding brand for your website is the most essential background to create a strong impression at the very first sight.

In this Sell T-Shirts Online with These Branding Tips article, we will provide you with awesome ideas to boost traffic as well as sales for your T-shirt online store. Sell T-Shirts Online with These Branding Tips. Basically, establishing your brand’s identity includes 3 steps:

3 Steps To Sell T-Shirts Online
Step 1: Create a brand logo
Step 2: Organize the storefront
Step 3: Promote the store 

Step 1: How to make a logo for your T-shirt online store?

Making a logo might be a challenge to some people, however, consider to its important influence in brand identification, we believe that the more effort you put in, the more satisfied the result might be.

Furthermore, there are plenty of logo maker tools (either free or in charge) available for you to choose so just make sure that the designed logo can completely present your brand signature to the world. 

Step 2: How to set up your online T-shirt business?

This step is significantly important. A well-organized, well-designed and frequently updated outlook can reflect the overall theme and feel of your brand as well as attract more visitors. One useful plugin we recommend you to do this is WP Tshirt Solution from Printcart.

WP Tshirt Solution is a clean, powerful yet lightweight plugin to increase your T-shirt e-commerce traffic and sales thanks to its awesome features. It offers you every must-have elements to successfully organize the front page. WP Tshirt Solution features: 

  • Price matrix: A price matrix will lead customers to the final price fast instead of showing them in drop-down boxes. 

  • Order upload: Customers can take advantage of this feature to distribute their T-shirt design to you in the most fast and convenient way. They can also modify type of the file to deliver it at its highest quality.

  • Online design: This feature allows your visitors create their own T-shirt using default design options available on your site. Most importantly, it is super easy to use so customers are not required any photoshop experience. This feature not only works on T-shirt but also on mugs, pillow, photo, canvas, business card, phone case and so on. 

  • Responsive design: Thanks to this feature, both you and your customers can access the online store on different devices – from smartphones, tablets to desktops.

  • Customizable layouts: With over 200 typography, 100 pre-defined templates, unlimited colors and fonts, this plugin offers you a wide range of choice to create a unique page front on your own. It also includes a free hand drawing feature that you can use to create a signature for your site. 

  • Frontend translate with multiple languages: Being fully acknowledged of the involving of businesses from multiple of nations all over the world, we have developed translation feature to get rid of language barrier and strengthen the connection between you and your customers. 

  • Order management: You can view the design in detail so it’s quite easy to modify when spotting any errors. You are also in total control to accept or reject customers’ order and send email feedback to them. In another hand, your customers can receive your modified file, redesign it and send it back to you via the Order Upload feature. 

Step 3: How to promote your T-shirt online store?

The most effective method to broadcast your site is taking advantage of leading social media such as Facebook, Instagram (tips: WP Tshirt Solution provides Instagram Feed plugins to get data from Instagram, Twitter,… When your social media is branded, people will see your site with trust. You can use some of these tips:

  • Keep your customers up-to-date by frequent yet ordered posting photos of new designs, collections. 

  • Have a fixed brand colors and feel to enhance brand identity

  • Be creative: Remember to always work on new, attractive content to make a good impression on your target audience. 

  • Use marketing system setup of WP Tshirt Solution: This plugin offers you a marketing system setup at a reasonable cost in order to bring your site closer to customers. 

In short, there are many tips to sell your print on demand T-shirt on the Internet. However, you should choose the shortest yet most effective way to save time and money, especially people who have a modest budget.

Using a decent plugin to drive traffic and boost sales is definitely what you need. And our suggestion is WP Tshirt Solution with useful, must-have features for an online T-shirt store. For more product information, please access link: DEMO.

If you are having problems in building, navigating, customizing your website or simply want to find out more information about our product, please contact us for support. We are also available for modifying and developing website/project on demand. And do not forget using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% Discount for purchasing items at Printcart.   

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