WordPress Printshop website template is a comprehensive solution for printing company with T-shirt/ apparel designer, Sign board designer, Stamp designer, Smartphone/Table/Laptop skin, bottle label, bags, Stickers/Label designer… Today, I want to tell you a story about Mazni Bin Fadzil and Achik.biz and hope it will inspire you.

Mazni Bin Fadzil is an owner of a company specialized in Design and printing.He chose WordPress Printshop theme Enterprise Package because it includes every module such as multi-vendor CRM and other extensions like multiple payment gateway, reward point, advanced invoices and affiliates. What he impressed most with this package are " Many modules. Easy to design. Flexible". He has worked with Vincent Ray and he was totally satisfied with good communication and fast response.

Support team helped him install this solution. When we asked him about some experience after buying our products, he was glad to say: " I can install it by myself with the detailed and enthusiastic guidance of the team. I know how to get Duplicator quickstart files on xampp. Learn how to familiarize with the WordPress dashboard, woo-commerce setting, and the V-tiger CRM system. They are such exciting experience." He also said that he would so happy to recommend this package to his friends who desired to succeed in this field. That's so interesting interview, I want to share that experience to all of you and hope it will inspire you!

So what do you think about Mr.Mazni Bin Fadzil's story? If you’re looking for a online designing tool that’s easy to use for everybody, we highly recommend Wordpress Printstore. This product has all the features you need to create a powerful and profitable website. Check WordPress Printstore for more information about the product or try out Wordpress Printstore demo. If you get any trouble, please contact our support team or Vincent- Sales Consultant Manager. Thank you for reading and see you soon! Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18%OFF for this item. 

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I’m Maris – Tester at NetBaseJSC

I’m not a technical person. Well, I studied software engineering, I can write code but I'm not an expert and to be honest, I haven't touched any lines of code in 2 or 3 years. However, knowing how to program can help me understand how the software is built, operated, and more accessible to the software.

At work, I constantly ask the right questions to expose the problem of the system being tested. This is especially true when I test and explore the software as an end-user or in the case when I have no documentation about the system.

What I would do is use the product and then ask: what if I click this button? What happens if I edit the information and then I close the application without saving data? What will happen if I do this and then do it? What is this feature used for? Why do we need it? And so on. And I understand that our customers have the same questions. Therefore, I always try to put my knowledge of the product into articles to help customers get the most overview of the product.

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