Magento PrintMart Website theme package is one of the hottest solution of Netbase, Ecommerce solution provider. It contributes a lot to the success of many digital printing businesses all over the world. Today, we have had an interview with Madito , the Manager of, he shared a lot about his story with this Printing solution as follow:

1. Why you choose our products/ solutions instead of other products/ solutions? If possible, please tell us name of other solutions.

Madito: I choose products because they are excellent according to my personal research and after use also. I chose your Magento PrintMart Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package

2. Which highlight feature do you like most in our products/ solutions?

Madito : When I finalized my site, I could answer this question :))

3. Do you feel easy when installing our product/ solutions?

Madito: yes I find it rather clear and easy

4. Tell us about your experience with our team and tell us the staff name that impressed you?

Madito: I worked with your developer team. Quite good

5. Tell us your success story after using our products/ solutions?

Madito: In general, you offered different websites and this in different areas. custom products from Printcart.

6. Do you suggest any better ideal for our products/ solutions?

Madito: For me, I would have liked to have more tool module design online. and site that would be compatible with the most used browsers.

7. Do you like to recommend our products/ solutions to others?

Madito: Of course, I am a major player in my country, the constraints are often the language

With an awesome product and wonderful customer service, he highly recommends this product to other printing business owners. And how about you, please send us your comments about this product! If you have problems during using or you have any questions about this product, please contact our Support team. They are always willing to answer your questions. Don't forget to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% OFF for this item. Thank you for reading and keeping following us to get more interesting information in the next story! Bye, see you again!