There is an evident truth that business transaction or saying in simple way, selling process only complete if there are at least two parties: sellers and customers. No customer means nothing sold, no revenues and finally company cannot survive. Companies will lose their competitive advantages if they have no strategy to build the favorable relationship with clients. Most of professionals agree that to be successful on building relationship, the best way is viewing marketing through the lens of the customer retention. So, how can you do? Let’s take a look over 10 tips below:

1. List sign ups on your website

Never wait until all the purchase process finishes, you can add clients to your database any time during that process. You should also design email signup as convenient as possible, the key suggestion for designing them is on the right or bottom of the page. If you can do it at the higher level, you can enable a popup to trigger, your potential customer may enter their email address quickly.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters are actually a powerful weapon. You can use them to promote new products including capabilities and features or discount. Keep in mind that a direct link to a shopping cart or signup page should be included. Through this way, you can observe clearly conversions attributable to your communications.

3. Trial campaigns

Sellers usually require customers’ email address when customers want to use trial product. It is the key of problems. When customers send email address, note product benefits the subscriber will receive during the trial period. By combining email campaign with revenue tracking parameter, you can find the best email cadence converts among new customers.

4. Cart abandonment campaigns

Cart abandonment is actually a headache problem for any sellers. To avoid it, why don’t you capture and use information filled out the shopping cart by customers to create a truly dynamic email. That email may consist of level of urgency or coupon code, your sale will be facilitated.

5. Welcome emails

When customers buy your products, never be silent and taking it for granted. Sending an email to show your gratitude and give them product information, instructions and links to technical support. Customers will be satisfied when they know that you always take care of and support them.

6. More newsletters

As we mention in the second tip, newsletters are the tool to notify potential customers about your products, but never forget your current customers. You should share your update to them, too. Your relationship will be closer

7. Renewal emails

This email will be used when you want to remind customers of their subscription expiration. Your email should include pertinent order information and if possible, more detail about how much they’ve used the software or how the program will continue to assist them in the future.

8. Product surveys

After selling products, never stop at that step. You should do some survey to ask customers about your product. You can not only improve your product quality through their feedbacks but also make customers closer to your company; they will feel their importance to you.

9. Brand loyalty

Most of subscribers who usually interact and have positive experience to your business will become loyal to your brand and be repeat customers. They even will play an important role in expanding your customer segmentation by introducing your products to other potential customers such as their friend, family members, etc.

10. Special offers

If someone is your loyal customers, don’t hesitate to give them a dynamic coupon code in a special promotional campaign as the reward. If they don’t immediately act on this offer, send reminder emails noting their importance as a customer, and prompt them to complete their purchase.