Hi no matter, what DPI i set the export to CMYK jpg quality is the same, but I noticed the PDF quality is a lot better.



but the JPG's resolution is really bad, I have php imagick enabled in my server (that's how the jpg is even exporting in the first place) 

I saw this piece of code in your plugin files that's setting the resolution to 72, I tried increasing it but it doesn't make any difference, please help.


public static function imagick_convert_pdf_to_jpg( $input_file, $ouput_file ){
try {
$image = new Imagick();
// $image->stripimage();

// $image->setResolution(300,300);
// $image->setImageResolution(12800,800) ;
$image->readimage( $input_file.'[0]' );
$image->writeImage( $ouput_file );
} catch( Exception $e ){
die('Error when creating a thumbnail: ' . $e->getMessage());


I have submitted tickets already but I am no seeing any response yet