Almost business owners want to have an attractive theme and 100% responsive for their sites. So, in this post, I'll show you some tips on How To Improve Your Ecommerce Website. Let's take a look.

How To Improve Your Ecommerce Website – Tips
1. Optimize your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
2. Test your site navigation
3. Keep customers engaging
4. Social media and content marketing
5. Use customer loyalty schemes and incentives
6. Analyze other competitors
7. Streamline the checkout process

1. Optimize your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

A well-designed and well-organized website that offers customers ease when using and provides all required information at the click of a button is really important to drive traffic and retain a customer. 

Firstly, don’t be tempted to focus solely on technology. Some people believe that a modern technology holds the key to growing their business. However, you should think about how to enhance customer experience than only focus on purchasing costly applicants. 

Secondly, try to keep your customers’ attention. If your site is not eye-catching and content-rich enough to hold customers’ attention, redesign it immediately! If you focus on creating human-centred interfaces – corresponding to customers’ natural abilities – you’ll boost usability and reduce the effort they need to make. Keep this in mind and consider if the content you’re providing is what your customers are going to retain. 

Thirdly, tell your story. All giant brands such as Uber, Airbnb have their own stories. This will require you to engage your customers. That’s why UX and UI designs are important. To convey your story successfully, UI and UX must be customer centric. 

2. Test your site navigation

Site navigation is a key factor to hold customer stay longer in your site. If they can find their desired products in the shortest time possible, the products are more likely to be sold. The possibility of them return to purchase more goods is also more likely.

You can ask your friend or family to check your site navigation by randomly searching for a product on it. If possible, you can hire a third party – think of web developers – to handle this testing and have them assistance in case there is something wrong with the navigation flow.

3. Keep customers engaging 

This is pretty simple to implement but not every business can do it properly. In other words, this means you have to take care of your customers. Nothing compares to actual customer feedback and interacting with customers as both store management and as customer will tell you how you can improve your site functionality.

You can set up automated emails after shipping or directly asking for feedback and reviews from consumers. Don’t forget to display customers reviews, likes, recommendations on your site to improve social proof. This will make your brand more professional and trustworthy.

4. Social media and content marketing 

Social media is the most crucial platform to promote your content. Make sure that you are taking advantage of it and keep in mind some questions below to achieve marketing goals as fast as possible:

  • To whom that the content is aiming?
  • What social media platform they always use?
  • How much time do you spend on each platform?
  • What are the most popular formats for each platform?

Once you figure out the answers for those questions, then you’re ready to create a content marketing plan and branding it via social media. 

5. Use customer loyalty schemes and incentives

Basically, this means you have to create more events for customers to gain their attention and then, their subscribe. Promotions, discounts, free shipping, etc. is popular method that can work perfectly. Don’t forget to tell your story along with it. An event with a meaningful story behind it is more attractive than other plain ones. 

6. Analyze other competitors

Don’t just focus on your own business. Keep track of other e-commerce websites who are your direct and indirect competitors.

By analyzing their strategy, you might see the difference between you and them, finding out what makes them better than you and why they can be successful than you though their plan seems to be quite similar to yours.

Savvy competitors will help you stay up-to-date with new technologies and keep you on track with the global e-commerce marketplace. 

7. Streamline the checkout process

You should create the process from main page to the checkout as simple and fast as possible and reduce the obstruction to the minimum. Site navigation for this process should be taken care properly as well.

New visitors should be able to figure out how to fill in their information quickly to create cart. Return customers should have even smoother experience than before. 

In short, there are plenty of ways to improve your Ecommerce website but you should pay more attention to some aspects such as visual appearance, site navigation and customers experience, etc.

Some might see it easy to implement but some might not. In the latter case, you can count on a third party to assist you or simply purchase some solutions with clean, powerful features yet easy to configure at CMSmart. 

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