I have been looking through your demos and I can't see anywhere the user can add any personal details to the cards. I must be missing something but I went through a number of demos. Also can the user see what it would look like and get an online proof?


· Must be able to show on-screen proofs for immediate approval of customizable items (such as business cards, letterhead)
· Must have a "where in the process is my job" tracking indicator,
· Must show pricing,
· Must have a field for billing codes,
· Must have drop downs for data that is commonly used (addresses for their offices, for example,)
· Must have flexibility on ship-to locations for materials
· Must allow different vendors (at least 3-5 of them) to monitor and manage their incoming jobs, load images, manage content, etc

· Would like differing levels of ordering and controls (admin)
· Would like to have the option for people to order items through the site with a credit card
· Would be awesome if there is a “gifting” component to the system where someone can award points or $ and send a product or “gift card” to someone else.

I'm researching for a client. We are open to any of these CMS choices, If your products can do these things we are open to any platform, so which would you recommend?