Dear CMS Team,

i saw your Product Designer mentioned in a Blog Post and I would like to use it for one of my Products.
I Installed the Lite Version to make sure that this fits my needs and came across a function that seems to be missing or I did not understand how to do yet.


1. I would like to offer a P.o.D. Portrait Business, we are a Studio of Handdrawing Artists and we would like to make the Order Process more easier for the Customers.

So, the Customer needs to upload an Image ( luckily your Plugin comes with Check of Filesize Matching ), We want them to have a field called Upload Image, and the Image they Upload should automatically replace a "Placeholder-Image" - After that the Customer must be able to Resize, Position the Image. In. best Case the Placehold Image will disappear and gets replaced by the Image the Customer uploaded before.

Beyond the Image there will be a Textframe something like a Signature, but the Image should not be able to be placed above the Text Area. so I need 2 kinds of "Working Areas" 1 for Text,  and 1 For image.

Can you explain how I could achieve this?