When you go to a supermarket and you want to buy a towel or a toothbrush. Imagine what would happen if there are no signposts, how can you find a towel in a big supermarket?

Think again. There are actually some simple things you can do to significantly improve your site search, engage your visitors, and increase conversion rates on your site.

Here are tips on how to improve search function on your Magento store.

#1 Make Your Search Box Visible

Search is an important function of every website, would be a disaster if you go to a website where not have search function. Another mistake that pretty common is the search-box is utterly invisible in website. Due to page design or theme considerations, search box becomes small and hardly noticeable to the eye.

Remember that when people want to find something on your site, they will use search. They won’t use it if they cannot determine where it is. Therefore, make your search box visible and easily to catch to ensure that every user can use your site’s search. Don’t let them take time to find your search-box!

#2 Make Sure Your Search is Fast

In a website, people using search to find product/information quickly. So, make sure that your search is fastest as possible. In business, time is money and it’s also true for ecommerce. Keep in mind that customers have to wait longer – your sales opportunities go lower. It’s been proven time and again. Low latency wins.

#3 Use Autocompletion in Your Search Box

Since Google started to use autocomplete or autosuggest in their search engine, users have become addicted. It’s an awesome feature, it works extremely fast, and amazingly accurate in predicting what it is that you would like to search.

Fortunately, the development of technology has helped you can integrate autocomplete and autosuggest into search function of your site. With ecommerce website, it’s really a worth feature. It allows suggesting the search query and suggesting the best-fit products for users. It also saves a lot of time for users by completing the search query automatically without the need to type the entire product name.

Moreover, using both product and search query suggestions can increase the likelihood of user selection and conversion rates also. This feature is very easy to use while people were very familiar with this feature when using Google or if they are Amazon’s users.

#4 Use Images with Product Names and Descriptions

The truth that in advertising, use attractive image will increase the likelihood of clicking an ad than a simple text. Similarly in search, images also have a strong impact on attracting customers. Images will provide customers an intuitive view about the product that they are searching.

So, make sure that your product images can appear in search results and if you have autocomplete feature, set to displays product image thumbs for each product in suggestions.


Summary, to improve your search function in your Magento website, you need to make sure that your search box visible in the right place and make it fastest as possible. You also should create a search box which allow to displaying images of product and don’t forget to use autocomplete and autosuggest for more convenient.

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