Your product looks almost perfect for what I need!

But before I purchase it I have a question. We are trying to create a print shop for a specific companys leisure centre division. where a customer will choose from a range of print products that they just need to edit their contact details for example and a few other text details. So we would want to be able to include on the product template a text box with placeholder text that they can just edit it.

We want to add this text box to the product template in the back end and the customer be able to just edit the text in the front end. We would also like to be able to fix the position of the text box.

I understand I can modify the fonts available, set the output resolution of the final product and specify pdf as the output file, is this right?

Is there a mopnthly fee, or just a one off cost for the product, will it include any furture updates to keep it inline with future Wordpress delvelopemts?

I look forward to hearing from you.

And by the way, your product is by far the best plugin I have come across for online designing of this type, very considered.