You want to develop the print on demand business but there are so many POD products that you don’t know which product to invest. The following tutorial will provide the top 8 most popular bestselling products in the print on demand in 2022 to give you a better overview of print on demand product 2022.

1. The easiest print on demand product: T-shirts

T-shirts are the bread and butter of eCommerce apparel stores. It’s an evergreen product that has found its way in almost every wardrobe thanks to its versatile use and wide-ranging color options for any taste and season.

The steady volume of t-shirt searches throughout the year shows that people are constantly looking for clothing staples. And with sustainable fashion being the new normal, they’re moving towards unique premium quality basics that are produced in an eco-friendly way and will last longer than fast fashion items.

T-shirt-TrendingSource: Google Trends

What’s best about t-shirts is, they can be styled to fit any niche. They’re the foundation of style trends like athleisure and streetwear, which are primarily based on comfy clothing and layering. But you can also sell tees as part of a casual work apparel ensemble.

Source: Printful

Streetwear items work well with typography and out-there graphics that pop. Shirts meant for a casual business environment should feature clean, subdued designs, like a minimalist embroidery quote or a sleeve print that can be easily hidden under a jacket if needed.

2.  Phone Cases

In case you missed it, it’s official…we’re addicted to our phones! We won’t bore you with the usual boring smartphone adoption statistics, but suffice to say that, if there are still people kicking around without a mobile, they’re doing a great job of hiding it.

Where this gets interesting is that 79% of U.S. smartphone owners use a protective case for their smartphone – a statistic that rises to 87% for iPhone users.

Source: Prodigy

It’s not just a safety feature designed to protect your phone from the inevitable thrills and spills of modern life, either. Today’s phone users love to personalize their phone; whether it’s a prized photo, a logo or a slogan. Their phone isn’t just a functional device, it’s a part of their identity.

3. Mugs

If there’s one thing we love more than our smartphones and our gym memberships, it’s a cup of tea or coffee. Would you believe that in the UK alone, we drink 165 million cups of tea every single day? Plus 95 million cups of coffee. That’s a lot of caffeine.

More than that, nearly 60% of us have an emotional attachment to a mug, and about one third told researchers they’d be ‘devastated’ were their mug to break. So, yeah. Our mugs are kind of important to us.

And, like pretty much every other area of our lives, we seem to be moving away from the generic, the bland, the one-size-fits-all, the ‘everybody in this whole office has the same mug like me.’


Source: Prodigy

What we’re saying is, it’s another thing we like to personalize. If we’re sending our blood pressure through the roof with 6 cups of coffee per day, we might as well drink it out of a mug that means something to us.

For all these reasons, mugs are a great product to promote to your audience!

4. Hoodies

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?

I’ve lost a hoodie to just about every romantic relationship I’ve had– they’re convenient… they get stolen.

They’re great for cooler nights, morning jogs, sporting events, bonfires, and just being lazy on the couch all weekend.

Source: Placeit

With millions of people across the world choosing hoodies as their go-to outerwear it’s become the staple to custom merchandise stores across the world. You’re able to place anything from brand names to funny quotes directed to your customers, etc.

Pretty much anything you can think of that you’d like to show off can be put on your hoodie design. Get your mind out of the gutter and start finding images to use.

5. Tote Bags

What if you could sell a cool product AND save the planet? Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But seriously: did you know that, around the world, we use 5 trillion plastic bags each year? That’s 160,000 a second – and 700 a year for every single person on the planet.

Well, not all heroes wear capes. And, actually, some heroes actually look a little bit like capes, but with handles on them. Yep, we’re talking tote bags. Not only do these little superstars look really stylish, but they’re also 100% reusable and often made from recycled materials themselves.

Source: Behance

Whether screen printed or sublimated, these are a great way for your followers to show their support while doing their bit for Mother Earth.

6. Wall art

A picture says a thousand words. And if that picture is 24″ × 36″, and mounted on a wall in a sleek frame, surely, it must be worth at least half a million words. Its endless design possibilities make wall art one of the best-selling home decor products.

Source: Print House

Remember that people are always looking for personalized gifts. It can be a caricature your customers can order based on their picture, a detailed map of their favorite city, or anything else you can think of. Use your imagination to find something that combines your skills and your customers’ needs.

7. Stickers

Imagine that a customer decides to buy a t-shirt with your design. During checkout, you offer them a sticker with the same graphic. Since they’re already making a purchase anyway, they add stickers to their cart as well!

Stickers are inexpensive and easy to design, and you can create matching sticker sets for any product in your catalog. That’s why they’re the perfect upselling product. And if your customers become interested in your stickers, you can even develop an extended sticker collection.

Source: Printful

To spark your customers’ imagination, show off your stickers in all the ways they can be used—on laptops, phones, notebooks, or paired with products you have in your store.

8. Hats

A beanie for when it’s cold; a dad cap for when you want to hide from the sun; a visor for your next tennis game… There’s a hat for every occasion—be it summer or winter, people are looking for trending headwear to buy.

Hats are a great way to showcase embroidered designs. In the age of fast fashion, embroidery with its tactile vibe represents a slower, personal attitude towards clothing. So capitalize on the embroidery trend by designing a collection of hats with your own graphics.

Source: Richardson sports

Above are the most popular products on the print on demand product market in 2022. I hope you will have a lot of useful information and will choose your own niche to succeed. Good luck!