There is a lot of competition in the T-Shirt Business. Find out what niche you can provide is one of the 6 tips I am going to share today to increase profits T-shirt business. Your t-shirt marketing strategies need to be on point in order to truly boost your business. Find out 6 little-known ideas for your t-shirt printing business!

1. Know your customer

#Tip 1: Target your customer is very important in doing increase profits T-shirt business

Who exactly is your target market? Fraternities? Churches? Athletic teams? Companies? Moms?

The first step is identifying a hungry market prior to launching your business. In fact, nowhere is it more relevant to know your audience than in the graphic T-shirt industry. Every group of people wants something different in a T-shirt and those things are important to identify.

To build a flourishing T-shirt printing business, you must stand out from the competition by catering to a specific consumer. In general, categories such as T-shirts with inspirational quotes are too broad to attack in such a developed industry – you must tighten it up!  T-shirts with inspirational quotes that relate to college students would be a smart example of a more specific niche.

2. Find your niche market

Tips #2: Find your niche market to increase profits

You’ve probably already realized that t-shirts are everywhere. From online marketplaces to city street corners, it seems everyone wants to sell you their designs – and if you don’t have a unique selling point, your products will get washed away in the t-shirt tide.

That’s why you need a niche.

From day one, you should be thinking about what sets you apart from all the other t-shirt sellers out there, and why people will want to buy your t-shirts instead of your competitors’ products. Don’t panic – I am not talking about attaching jetpacks to tees or totally rethinking fashion. It can be much simpler than that!

A good place to start is to think about why you’re creating t-shirts. Aside from making money, what is it that made you google how to sell t-shirts online? Some people do it to raise money for charity, to raise awareness of mental health issues, or to express their love of a TV show, book, or film.

Good to know… 75% of consumers prefer brands to personalize their messages, offers, and experiences. Consider providing a customizable design to engage customers and boost sales.

Here are some other things to think about:

  • Pain points faced by your target audience – how could you address their needs?
  • Are you jumping on a quick trend, or designing for the long-term?
  • Do you have a unique angle? For example, the environmental impact of your t-shirts, or the story your designs tell?

It’s pretty clear that your niche ties closely to your target audience, so try to put them at the heart of your brand.

If you are still not sure how to find you own a niche market, please click here to see the detailed: Find your best niche market

3. Build Your Brand

Tip #3: Build your brand with your T-shirts

Every accomplished entrepreneur knows that great ideas are a dime a dozen. Many business owners trying to build an online store fail in the marketing of their business. For T-shirts, Etsy, Pinterest or Instagram are awesome marketing avenues for terrific designs.

However, with the highly-competitive nature of this industry, it’s imperative that you create a brand story for your business. Your brand ties together all your choices including your quality, niche, and designs.

Building a one-of-a-kind and likable brand is crucial for companies in such a highly competitive industry. It’s extremely important for an online business to have a distinctive presence to truly capture potential customers’ attention.

4. Think About Your Design Strategy

Tip #4: Think About Your Design Strategy

Design is another critical factor when it comes to online T-shirt businesses. Will you be an artwork-centric, a slogan-based, or a true design T-shirt company? You’ll need to find slogans and graphics that convey the personality of your target audience.

Creating designs unique to your market’s needs will make a long-lasting and prosperous online business. And remember, the last thing a user wants to see in your online catalog is a T-shirt design found somewhere else!

Want to get consumers in on the creative process? Launch contests on your website where you ask users to design or choose a T-shirt they would love to purchase. This way, you’ll learn about your target audience’s personal style. You can also look on idea boards or ask for input or edits on social media posts.

5. Determine how you will print your clothing or apparel line

Tip #5: Determine how you will print your clothing or apparel line

Are you considering Screen Printed T-shirts? If so, you will need to really understand the costs for minimum orders including set up charges. Do you have a budget for printed garment inventory? You may also consider DTG or Direct to Garment. This method may work for very small orders with no minimum, but you will need to consider the printing price and how competitive you can be in the market. You may also consider what I believe is the perfect choice for Startup t-shirt businesses which is Custom Heat Transfers. Your advantage of using a screen-printed transfer is Low start-up costs, better inventory management by printing smaller quantities based on our orders. Since custom heat transfers are actually screen-printed plastisol transfers, your designs can compete directly with any decorated t-shirt or apparel item. By using custom transfers any applying with heat press machines, you can control how many shirts you need when you need them.

6. Create a marketing strategy

Once you determine what you going to sell, whether its custom t-shirts or clothing for pets, you will need to determine how you will let your customers find your product and most of all, buy your printed clothing or apparel. Will you sell your clothing online? Maybe on eBay or Amazon? Or will you have a retail-clothing outlet? Many people who start out selling printed t-shirts or apparel begin at the local flea market or swap meets. Some do temporary kiosks in shopping malls during the holiday. Be sure you really examine the best way to market your clothing or apparel line.

Tip #6: Create a marketing strategy

Some marketing Tips for Your increase profits T-shirt business

Designing Is Easy With a T-Shirt Design Template

Do you have a great idea for a t-shirt but don’t know how to make it? Well, you’re in luck! There are a lot of free suppliers such as: Placeit, Canva, Princart, … They offer plenty of online t-shirt design templates that make it easy to put your ideas on a tee. Once your designs are perfect, take the next step and put them on a t-shirt mockup. This will make selling your t-shirt designs much more effective.

Once you have your t-shirt designs and t-shirt templates ready, it’s time to start selling. Most people think posting their designs online is enough for a booming business, but it’s not quite that easy. Look for really eye-catching marketing techniques but don’t forget about the basics either. To help you market your online increase profits T-shirt business, check out this useful infographic with all the information you need to get started!

Promote Your Business on Facebook to increase profits

Social media is a great tool for business owners because it allows them to reach out to their customers while also using it as an advertising tool. Promote your shop, new products, sales, and anything else using Placeit’s Facebook Ad Templates and Facebook Cinemagraphs Ads. They’re easy to use and look great on Facebook! You can also use your social media pages to ask for user-generated content or to repost content created by your consumers. There are tons of benefits associated with user-generated content, so don’t discount this marketing strategy! Finally, have you considered using online ads to promote special sales and discounts? You can create custom online ads and use them on your social media, promotional emails, or on your own website. Also, if you’ve never launched social media campaigns read these tips to succeed!

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing something you love to do, grow into something that can make you money. So Making Money selling T-Shirts can be possible!

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