A lot of people ask us, is the T-shirt printing business a trend in 2021? Well, we can say that T-shirt printing business will still trend in 2021. Every season there are new fashion trends. And of course, one of the inevitable clothing trends is 't-shirts'. If you are learning about the T-shirt business then you will know that the customer t-shirt design trends have evolved a lot over the past few years. According to a new market report published by Credence Research, the global market for custom t-shirt printing industry is expected to cross $ 10 billion by 2025. If you are wondering if the T-shirt business is profitable for you, here are Top 8 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2021. Let's explore

Top 8 Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2021

1. Branding

Cloodo' T-shrit

Do you know why car manufacturers put company logos on the front and back of cars? That is for the purpose of building a brand in the heart of the public. Because, to widely promote the company and increase brand awareness in the hearts of consumers, this can be considered a difficult challenge, especially for start-ups.

Therefore, many businesses have started to use custom t-shirt prints to attract attention.

By putting their logo and company name on the shirt, they can easily convey the brand's message and draw attention. It can help convey brand messages in a more casual and friendly way. It can be worn anytime, anywhere, which increases brand coverage.

2. Fad For TV Series

Big Bang theory, Stranger Things, Avengers, Game of Thrones – It can be said that, no matter where you go, you will always find fans of these series. Though these dramas are still going on, fans love to show off clothing related to these movies or their characters in order to express their love of the characters and the series.

If you want your customers have the ability to create a design of their own choice, you should have a Tshirt Online design tool. With our Tshirt solution intergrated with online designer. They can choose from colors, images, fonts, etc. according to their preferences and style. Before proceeding with the final t-shirt printing, this tool must allow them to see what the design will look like on their t-shirt.

Some of highlight features of this t-shirt printing website template:

  • Ultimate Responsive
  • Fully Customizable
  • Ajax Search
  • One Page Checkout
  • Advanced Invoices
  • Live Chat
  • Online Designer
  • Order Upload
  • Price Matric
  • Shop By Brands Features
  • Crm (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Multi-vendor feature

You can check out the DEMO here for more information: Tshirt Print solution DEMO or you can check out the overview of How to install T-shirt Print which included database:

3. Boosting Team Spirit

Over the past few years, companies have started realizing the importance of creating a strong company culture. Custom t-shirts are a great way of developing a strong emotional bond with the company. It unites internal teams, thus increases motivation and commitment among employees to achieve the company’s goals.

4. Customer Loyalty

In this highly competitive world, where competitors are just a few clicks away, it takes months or even years for companies to gain customer loyalty. Researchers have shown that customers are willing to stick around with those companies that have created a great experience for them.

Instead of just depending on websites or events, companies have started giving print t-shirts as a freebie on minimum purchase of any of their products. It is helping them in retaining old customers and making new customers feel special.

5. For Making Fashion Quotient

Swaggers are always ready to make style statements. In order to show off their sense of style, they always prefer to wear custom print shirts. They can flaunt their fashion quotient by wearing t-shirts that set them apart from others.

6. Off-The-Clock Marketing

Custom t-shirts are like a free off-the-clock marketing tool. Well-designed t-shirts encourage employees and customers to wear them anytime anywhere, thus helping companies in building brand identity.

7. Less Costly / Less Expensive

As compared to other forms of advertising like TV commerce, newspaper, billboards,... custom t-shirts is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote business. Online t-shirt maker tools have also made it easy for people to design shirts or t-shirts for any occasion. In addition to this, a good quality t-shirt has a longer shelf life, helping the brand in gaining visibility for a longer period. This has increased the demand for t-shirts.

8. Promoting nature (Cause)

Nowadays, people have become more aware and concerned about the environment. It is making them use eco-friendly products. Not only do these t-shirts have quotes that motivate people to protect the planet, but they also use minimal energy and carbon. Why not consider setting up an environmentally friendly t-shirt printing company? After all, there is no planet B!

With the new design ideas and the right marketing strategies, they are definitely taking their business to the next level. Additionally, they never just stick to a single type of printing. They discover more options so that they can make a mark in the industry. The diversity of their business makes it profitable and with the right printing knowledge, they can certainly make the most of it.


Do not ever doubt the power of the T-shirt industry especially today with the internet. EVERYONE WEARS TSHIRTS you just need to know your market and be a force within that market.

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