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You have many main product groups, many of which are by-products. Of course, we can't show all of those products on the toolbar. Customers will look very confused. So your website needs to create a product catalog. This is extremely important because when looking at customers it is easy to identify what products you are trading. Where is the main product? Where is the byproduct? Since then partly assess the professionalism and investment of business owners.

Seeing that need, today we will share with you how to configure the product catalog for your website. Follow the article below: " Configuration Product Categories for WordPress PrintStore.

1. Create categories

 Go to Products > Categories:

2. Add brands

Go to Products > Brands:

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Details invite you to watch the video below:

 You can refer to more: How to create contents on your site with WordPress PrintStore

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“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Since I read this quote, my life have turned new chapter. I am Linda and I am working for Netbase JSC as a Marketing team leader. When I studied at Foreign Trade University, I was the president of Marketing club two years and took part in many Marketing’s projects for large multinational corporations.

It was seven years over I throw myself in Marketing field. Consequently, I have great experience in establishing the digital marketing strategies and building famous brand name for my company, and I'm always happy as I can devote to my occupation. Moreover, I fully realized my responsibility for my colleagues and company’s development so I often ask myself:
What can I do to enrich the lives of my company?
What should I do to improve the customer experience?
And what should I do to inspire and motivate my member group?

So, these are some reasons why I often try to learn a few new field of study such as to broaden my knowledge and to improve my present level. In addition, I often carry out a research to more understand our customer’ need. Therefore, if you have any new ideas and information about our products, you can stay in touch with me. I am always willing to listen your opinion.

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