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In the previous article, we helped you solve the order upload on Wordpress Printstore problem, in today's article CMSmart will continue to provide a solution for "How To Configure The Own Shop Page For Each Vendor? "

Build a Multi-vendor marketplace website - a really smart idea. So how to deploy it quickly and effectively? To find the answer, join CMSmart to find out the information below. Note that today's article content will only be for those who are looking for a smart money-making sales market. It will be the playground of many suppliers and they will bring a huge income for you.

How to configure the own shop page for each vendor?

There are basically three entities involved in a Multivendor Marketplace namely: admin, vendor, and customer. All the vendors are required to get themselves registered to the admin's website in order to sell their products on the admin's website. Multivendor Marketplace is an online store where multiple vendors come together to sell their products thus making the profit.

 Thus there is a many to many relationships between the sellers and customers. This enables customers to choose from a large variety of products. This factor also plays a major role in deriving traffic to your website.

 Some special features for you:

  • Based on WooCommerce: As WooCommerce is hugely popular and very feature rich, we built our app based on WooCommerce (2.6+), giving you the best of both WooCommerce and WordPress!
  • Marketplace with Independent Stores: Similar to eBay stores, Dokan allows anyone to set up their own store within minutes, turning your website into a full-fledged marketplace.
  • Dashboard For Each Seller: Customers and Vendors get access to a simple, straight-forward dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory, including sales, discounts, and promotions.
  • Earn From Each Sale: You can charge your sellers a percentage for each order, giving them an e-commerce solution free of any monthly fees. A fair commission model allows both parties to share the success of your marketplace!
  • Birds Eye View With Reports: Every seller can see his/her own sales report and see a bird's eye view on the sales they are making.
  • Coupon Management: Every seller manages their own products and the discounts they offer. What's more, create discount coupons for special sales!
  • Individual Stores: Sellers get their own store page with their own branding.
  • Manage Product Reviews: Each seller manages their own product reviews independently. Delete, mark as spam or modify the product reviews on the fly.
  • Manage Orders: Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the product
  • Review Product Publishing: Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.
  • Easy Seller Withdraw System: The seller can make withdraw the request to admin by their dashboard. Admin can set the minimum to withdraw limit thresh enterprise, days for withdrawing and manage requests.
  • Seller Profile Completeness: Dokan manages sellers profile completeness par on sellers dashboard. The seller can view his/her profile completeness percent by the bar.
  • Manage SEO for Store Page: Each seller can manage SEO for their own store page. They can use custom SEO meta and description for their store page.
  • Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings: The seller can set up the store from their settings on the seller dashboard.
  • Seller Payment Method Setup: The seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set they withdraw method from there.
  • Social Profiles Integration for Vendors: Vendors can add their social profiles from Twitter, Facebook, etc, and link their Facebook stores into their store profile helping them make cross sales.
  • Control Selling Capability: You can activate/deactivate merchants and select which merchant that can sell their products. Promote them to become 'trusted sellers' to publish without delay!
  • Shipping Management for Each Seller: Each seller can manage their products shipping from their shipping tab. They can set global shipping for their store and override the shipping rate from products.
  • Order Status Counter Widget on Seller Dashboard: The seller can have a quick view of the number of the status of their order by order status counter dashboard.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works:

Dokan store support builds a sense of trust between you and the customer. For any e-commerce platform, individual store support should be a must if it is looking for long-term growth. Because when they come back and bring back more customers, simple economics says that you are bound to make more money

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