Print technology has evolved at a rapid rate over the past period. If you own a printing business, you must show customers that you are flexible and that you can easily adapt to new technologies and challenges. And that is why you should choose WordPress PrintStore.

We regularly update WordPress PrintStore to keep your printing website running smoothly and provide the best customer experience. In this release of version 5.6.1, we have fixed some bugs in the previous version, updated the plugin.

Join me in discovering what WordPress PrintStore version 5.6.1 has changed.

1. Printcart package:

Fixed: Css pagination style 2

In the previous version, we encountered some CSS pagination style 2. So, in this latest version, our development team tried to fix this. Now, you can make your website more neat and professional.

Fixed: Register button does not work

Register button does not work has caused you trouble? We are really sorry about this issue. However, this error has been fixed in WordPress PrintStore version 5.6.1

Update plugin: Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder 3.9.14

This plugin adds some premium elements in your WPBakery Page Builder above the integrated elements provided by WPBakery. Each element of the package is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and a simple goal to give you the ultimate experience.

2. Printshop package:

Fixed: Some css error

Understanding the importance of building a beautiful web page that attracts the attention of our customers, our development team has fixed a number of CSS errors. Update to the latest version and see the changes.

3. Both packages:

Update: Woocommerce template files

We update the default template when a new version of WooCommerce is released.

Update plugin: Online Deigner 2.7.1

  • Add - auto-export pdf when order status changed.
  • Add - synchronize output files to amazon s3, google cloud storage, dropbox, another host via ftp or sftp
  • Add - print option attribute/sub-attribute conditional logic.
  • Tweak - manage large amount of print option fields.

For more details, please refer to the article: How Do I Use The Automatic PDF Export, Synchronize And Manage Print Options?

Update plugin: Netbase Solution 1.9.5

Fix some minor bugs to improve performance.

Update plugin: Dokan Pro 3.0.2

Dokan is the fastest way to start eCommerce and earn money through commissions with products from digital, physical to variable. That is why in this version, we have updated the Dokan Pro 3.0.2 plugin.

Update plugin: Netbase Dashboard 1.2.3

Fix some minor bugs to improve performance.

Update plugin: Slider Revolution 6.2.2

By updating the Slider Revolution 6.2.2 plugin, you can now build rich and dynamic content for your site. With our powerful image editor, you can create modern designs instantly and without coding experience.

Update plugin: WooPanel 1.2.1

  • Add Vendor Profile: Helps you easily add records of suppliers quickly and easily.
  • Add Vendor Locator & Google Map: Help you add the supplied address and plan the way to the supplier to facilitate the work.
  • Add List Vendor (Front-End): Add a list of suppliers by each item."

Detailed update WooPanel 1.2.1, we have introduced in detail in an article. Check more!

The main purpose of PrintStore WordPress is to help your company increase sales and gain increased profits. This is the motivation for us to constantly improve our products, limit errors, and bring convenience to both you and your customers.

We invite you to visit the DEMO's products and experience it.

Hopefully, the release of WordPress PrintStore version 5.6.1 will bring you satisfaction. If you encounter any problems, please reply back to us and we will try to give you the right solution.

See you in the next version. Let's wait and see if they will bring any surprises to you!

Many thanks.

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