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Digital printing demand is still there and we can earn million dollars simply by answering to the market demand. To start a business, it requires building a website, buying a printer, printing software for digital printing and stock-up. They are all the necessary steps. The potential for this industry is considerable so you need to prepare well for everything.


1. Deep pocket

Offset printing will take you more money than digital printing does. You have to invest in offset printing machine – which is expensive. You also need to consider maintenance costs and budget for spare parts – even printers – replacements. Considerable investment amount!

2. Exhaustive business plan

Don’t make yourself get stuck in the planning stage and fail to do anything else beyond that. One common suggestion from experts is doing exhaustive business plan. Printing business is a long-term business, and you need to project your financials properly.

3. The whole suite of graphic design software

Adobe Photoshop is good, but you need to apply for other design suites like Quark. Now, business owners usually apply online design tool that allows customers to design by themselves but you still need to invest in AP and design suites for designing available collection. Quite costly!

4. Strong print design knowledge

Knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is totally different from how can you use it to run a successful printing business. Take design class and/or courses is better because hiring someone with that knowledge is costly, especially in the early stage of your small business.

Great low investment and high potential idea with WordPress Printshop theme

I really like the idea when you start your digital printing business as a broker. What does it mean? No investing in printing machines, no design software license, no physical location. All you need to have is a computer, mobile phone, and Internet access.
You connect clients to printing partners. You get orders or help clients design and then send those printing designs to partners. You really work is maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients and printing partners. How to do?

1. Build a website:

Because you work online so you need a home for every participant and it should be built by WordPress Printshop Theme. This solution will help you build a perfect website with great UI, UX, easy to use for both business owners and consumers. It brings all convenience for prospects to submit their requests online. WordPress Printshop theme will work like a virtual office that looks so professional with receptionists, mail boxes and many others.

2. Portfolio:

You might even need to work on projects free of charge to get your printing business name out. Consider this as an investment.

3. Crowdsource for ideas:

Of course, you will need to have an available gallery of printing design to choose but what makes customers really excited is WordPress Printshop theme has Woocommerce product designer plugin that allows consumers to design by themselves, the products they receive will have their own signature.

4. Promote, promote and promote:

Just build and it will grow. No, nothing could be such easy. You need to share and promote your business widely via all channels. That’s a great way to let your prospects know the quality of your work.

Above is some information we are honor to give you. We hope you find it useful. If you have any questions, please contact CMSmart Team Thank you for reading and keep following us to get more information in the next case study! Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item.  Discover more about the product here LIVE DEMO

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