If you have a WordPress website and you want to convert your site into an online design website, the WooCommerce Product Designer plugin will be your solution. It will help you build a website to allow your customers to design or customize shirts, business cards, phone cases, and any other printing products before placing an order.

Position of WordPress Online Design on Market:

  • #1 Bestselling Online Designer Plugin for WordPress Platform
  • #1 Online solution for all type of printing company
  • A powerful, smooth, and smart product online designer plugin

To make it easy for customers to install and use the available features, we would like to introduce the installation process: Easy to use and convenient for WordPress Online Design Plugin. Let's go!

1. NBDesigner setting

1.1. License key

Get license key in NBDesigner

Now we begin with the first process: Get the license key.

After install Plugin, to use our plugin, you have to use one of two versions: Free version and Pro version.

To use a free version, you need to fill in real your full name and your email to get a free license key. Then click on the "get key" button. Free license key will be sent to your email

Next, you check your email to get license key, copy and paste on "Active license key" and active.

This free version includes full features of the plugin, but it only allows shop owners to created or modify maximum five products with Online Design.

See the video below to know How to get the license key!

How to add license key for Woocommerce product designer plugin?

Note: You can use pro version with full features by click Upgrade Pro version link.

1.2. General tab

See the video below to know How to setting!

How to manage general setting in Woocommerce product designer plugin?

1.3. Design tool tab

See the video below to know How to setting Design tool tab!

How to manage Design tool tab in Woocommerce product designer plugin

1.4. Colors tab

See the video below to know How to setting color tab!

How to choose color for Woocommerce product designer plugin

1.5. Upload Design

See the video below to know How to upload design!

How to customize Upload setting tab for Woocommerce Product designer plugin

1.6. Output

Output tab

2. Product management

Go to NBDesigner -> Products

This is the place to manage only products that it configured online design.

setting product on NBDesigner

3. Cliparts management

See the video below to know How to set Cliparts management easily!

How to manage and add new clip arts with Woocommerce Product designer plugin

4. Fonts management

See the video below to know How to set Fonts management easily!

How to manage and add new font with Woocommerce Product designer plugin?

5. Frontend translate management

See the video below to know How to set Frontend translate management easily!

How to customize Language for Woocommerce product designer plugin?

6. Enable online design for products

See the video below to know How to set NBDesigner for Product!

How to create online design for products with Woocommerce product designer plugin?

7. Order management

See the video below to know How to edit order management!

With this tutorial you can:

  • View orders have been placed
  • Export and download designs in formats (PDF, JPG)

How to manage order with Woocommerce product designer plugin?

8. More features

Show all admin’s default templates into any page

gallery Feature

Add product design widget on the sidebar. When customer saves their design, suggest that design for the related products on the sidebar.

side bar feature

9. Create template

Video Tutorial Create Template

How to create template with Woocommerce product designer plugin?

Above is some useful information about How to use the WooCommerce Product Designer plugin in Back-end. I hope you will like this article. If you want to try this plugin, please click WordPress Online Product Design DEMO! If you have any questions about the product, please contact the CMSmart Support team or Mr.Vincent at the contact information below. They will answer all of your questions. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. 

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