Each product can have different versions. For example: Product A has three colors: blue, red, and yellow, which means that there are three versions of product A that the seller can display and the customer can choose.

You want to manage the number of products in stock and out of stock? We offer the "Conditional Logic" feature so you can display stock availability, stock availability and stock availability. I will guide you in detail the operation steps. Let's explore together.

To set the product attributes, follow these steps: 

Step 1: To perform this function, of course, the first thing we need to create is a product such as a shirt, pants or shoes.

Note: when creating a product and name it TEST03, remember to check the box "Enable Printing option", then you can save it temporarily in draft or Publish always.

Step 2 : To proceed with the "Conditional Logic" function, go to the newly created product section and select Edit Option.

The system will redirect you to the "Edit Option" page, you also name the Edit Option, for example I will set it to TEST03 to refine the options for the product.

Step 3 : You select the "Default field"

For example: the product you want to refine is a shirt. We will proceed as follows:

- Fill in the value fields of the product including Size and color

  •  Size field we have 4 values: XL, L, M, S
  •  Color field we have 4 values: RED, GREEN, BLUE, GRAY

Step 4 : Select conditions specific to the product

For example:

Sizes are available in BLUE and GRAY

Only sizes XL and L are RED (Size M and S are not RED).

Only sizes XL, L and M are GREEN (Size S is not GREEN)

Note: Select "Any" instead of "All" in the "Enable this Field If"...."Of these rules match"

And remember in Color -> Appearance, Select "Swatch" to show color samples

And finally review how the function works on your store.

Also you can refer to the detailed video below:

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