The problem here is that you are a shop owner, commonly when a customer finishes designing a product, they will later retain the design they created as a souvenir. In fact, many Print on Demand websites have used tools to directly save these designs. However, the most frequent error is the font error when saving to PDF or JPG files.

So how should this error be handled? Should you fix it or not?

We simply use our API to export the design to PDF instead of using their host: the advantage of the API is to limit Font errors when designing.

With this feature, you need an additional add-on - Imagick.
Imagick has a built-in font library so font errors do not happen. Because at Imagick, not all hosts can integrate. We have integrated into our host. So the problem of font errors is completely solved

I will guide you to use the Cloud API Export PDF section on NBDesigner product:

Step 1: Go to NB Designer, select Settings
Step 2: Select the "Enable NBDesigner cloud API to create PDF" and then check the box "Yes"

After disabling this feature, when customers order 1 product, they design and ask you to send the file as a PDF. You can do the following to download the PDF file:

Step 1: Go to the Order section for the product you want to download

Step 2: Select the "View Detail"

Step 3: Go to Create PDF, select background as the product you want to print the design on (for example, you print on a shirt), select the product as a shirt.

Note: Here you can customize the print size, custom size,...

Step 4: Click on the PDF icon to download

Note: In the Download Design section, you can download the designs in the format you want.

You can watch the video tutorial below:


Hope that this product will help you express your personality and uniqueness.


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