We introduced you to the Google Static Map function. However to use you need the Google Map API Key to use. However, to create this key, google requires the account to verify the visa card. Here I will guide you on how to manipulate. Here I will guide you on how to manipulate

Get The API Key.

You must have at least one API key associated with your project.

First, you need a Google account.

Step 1: Visit the Google Console page.

Step 2: Log in your Google account

Step 3: After successful login, select "Get Started For Free"

Step 4: Then you confirm and fill your card information to activate.

After completing activating card information. You return to the Home Page.

Then select the Console item. Now you will proceed to create the Project.

Step 1: Select My First Project then select "New Project"

Step 2: Fill in the Project information

Step 3: In case the API has been activated but not yet approved, it means that the Project you have created has not been created a referral (Credentials) so the project has not been used. You choose to CREATE CREDENTIALS -> Select API Key


Step 4: Next, select the type of API to create. You can search in the search bar or choose directly from the API library. Here you will select the corresponding API, with our function, you will choose: Places API and Maps Embed API.

Then select "Enable" to activate.

Step 5: On the Restrict and rename API key page, set the restrictions:

Application restrictions
Select HTTP referrers (web sites).
Add the referrers.
API restrictions
Select Restrict key.
Click Select APIs and select Maps JavaScript API. (If the Maps JavaScript API is not listed, you need to enable it.)
If your project uses Places Library, also select Places API. Similarly, if your project uses other services in the JavaScript API (Directions ServiceDistance Matrix ServiceElevation Service, and/or Geocoding Service), you must also enable and select the corresponding API in this list.

Click SAVE.

Step 6: All done, you just need to copy the API to your Website

Step 7: Go to your WordPress, select NBDesigner under Settings, Paste the API you just created into the Google Maps Static API Key section.

Step 8: Under Settings, then go to "Desigin Tools". Check the Yes "Enable static Google Maps" box section

You can watch the video tutorial below:




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