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This article is for everyone from print businesses who want to sell custom-designed products or artists, graphic designers who want to sell their designs. In the context of the business model of custom-designed products has grown and popularized in recent years, efforts to make a difference for your business as well as create a niche market for yourself. become more important than ever. The global web-to-print (W2P) market is forecast to grow by 8% between 2019-2023. That's why you can't ignore our super product - WordPress Online Product designer.

This is a powerful design tool that helps customers customize multiple printing products, create a complete solution for the printing business. WordPress Online Product designer is a responsive plugin packed with exclusive functionality that provides customers a great experience with the high-quality outcome. With customizable product collection, customers can get a vast artwork gallery with flexible custom options like clipart, Google font, color, style and so on.

In an effort to create products that bring the most benefit to our customers, our development team constantly improves and develops this plugin. And today,cmsmart is very happy to introduce to you a new feature of Online Design - Design Launcher. It allows your customers to register to become designers and sell their designs. Designers can access a wide range of high-quality products, just waiting for their designs to make them better. And you, you will save a cost because there is no need to hire designers. Follow the article below for how to use this feature.

How To Use The Design Launcher Feature On Wordpress Online Design Plugin?

How to use the Design Launcher feature on Woocommerce product online designer plugin?

After you successfully install our NB designer zip file version 2.7.0. First, go to NB Designer and click on the Settings page. You will see there is a box called Designers, click on it! The general interface will display shortly after, there is an option called Enable designer store. Click Yes and Permalink.

When you click on Permalink, a new interface appears, click Save changes.

When you create the product, click on the Allow designer upload and sell solid design. The product will be designed as a solid form, customers buy your product without being modified on your product design.

For customers:

- Register to become designer - create and sell designs

Step 1: Register to become a designer, Log in to your account. At the dashboard, click on "Become designer"

Tick "I want to become designer" and fill in your details. After updating the information, the customer's request will be sent to the admin. Admin can view requests, accept/invert those requests, and send email feedback to customers.

Step 2: Create and sell designs. Design store> Designs> Start Designing. Then choose the product you want to put the design on. You can upload your existing designs to attach to the product or choose Create editable design to design directly on the product.

  • If you choose Upload soild design: Upload your designs and necessary files to be able to print. You can also attach these designs to other products you want. Then, click submit button.
  • If you choose to Create editable design: Drag and drop to create designs on products.

After that, your designs will be sent to admin. Admin can accept / revers design, and send email feedback to customers

- Dashboard for designers: Designers can easily manage their designs at the Design store.

  • Overview: here, designers can see the number of accepted/pending designs, Sales this Month chart.
  • Designs: Designers can easily manage their designs: add, edit, delete designs. they can also view the status of those designs, which designs are attached, etc.
  • Withdraw: manage current balance, minimum withdraw amount, choose to withdraw amount
  • Settings: update information of designer and design store.

Tutorial video for Customers to use the Design Launcher feature on Nb designer

For shop owner:

- Admin dashboard - manage designs, designers, withdraw requests

- NBDesigner> Design Launcher

  • Manage designs: Here, admin can see all designs submitted from different designers, accept / revers design. Admin can also edit or download the designs.
  • Manage designers: After customers register to become designers, those requirements will be displayed in the management designers section. Admin can accept/reverse those requests.
  • Withdraw requests: this is the place to manage withdrawal requests sent from the designers. admin and designers will agree to give withdraw amount.

Tutorial video for shop owner to use the Design Launcher feature on Nb designer

Hope this article will help you understand how to use the Design Launcher feature. You can also visit this Demo link to better understand our products. Contact us or comment below the article if you have any questions, our support team is here to help! And don't forget to using coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% DISCOUNT for this item! Many thanks

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