With the Online Design tool of CMSmart, just drag and drop, you can easily create professional and eye-catching designs without any graphic skills. With our powerful tool, convenient online design tool, you can create impressive and professional products yourself in minutes. No need to rely on expensive and professional designers, no need to look for ideas anywhere, the system with thousands of layouts available on Online Product Designer can serve all types of styles and perfectly meet design needs. common.

To make your site stand out and give your customers an easy experience why not try the Cmsmart WordPress Online Design Plugin? Check DEMO to know more about our plugin. With this plugin, your customers can freely design their ideas easier than ever, which will surprise your customers. Moreover, it is regularly updated to best meet the needs of every customer. In the previous article, We have introduced you to the article What Are New Features In WordPress Online Design's Latest Version 2.6.0?. We have just released the latest version 2.7.0 of NBDesigner. In this version 2.7.0, we have developed some great new features that I will introduce and guide you in this article. 

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WooCommerce Online Product Designer: What can you do in version 2.7.0?

Add - Design Launcher:

We improve promoting your freelance career. You design, and we will handle the rest. Do what you love and get paid for it. Find great customers and become part of our global community of talented designers, all in a safe and professional workspace. Do you want to become a designer with your own design products? We update this latest feature in the hope of meeting your wishes. Come with us and experience the latest feature, where you can become a professional designer.

online product designer

Register to become designer - create and sell designs: With a few steps, register and become a designer in our business environment, then you'll be able to sell your own designs.

  • After you successfully install our NB designer zip file version 2.7.0. First, go to NB Designer and click on the Settings page. You will see there is a box called Designers, click on it! The general interface will display shortly after, there is an option called Enable designer store. Click Yes and Permalink.

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  • When you click on Permalink, a new interface appears, click Save changes.

online product designer

  • When you create the product, click on the Allow designer upload and sell solid design. The product will be designed as a solid form, customers buy your product without being modified on your product design.

online product designer

Dashboard for designers: 

  • Go to My Account page. Become a designer and enjoy it.

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  • Manage your store's information.

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Admin dashboard - manage designs, designers, withdraw requests: Becoming a designer is not easy. Establishing a robust design process is one of the challenges product designers face and address. A robust and precise design process helps a product group achieve two goals - creating project transparency and establishing excellent communication between the people involved in product creation. The tool you use to manage design projects has an important impact on the design process because this tool, along with design principles, lays the foundation for design culture.

1. Overview: You can track the number of designers, successful designers, pending designers, the number of solid design products, or monthly sales reports.

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2. Manage Designs: See the list of design product information.

online product designer

3. Manage Designers: Create a new designer account, edit information: name, banner, reference information, links, ...

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4. Manage Withdraw: Withdrawal accounts are used in business to track business owner spending. Without an appropriate method to account for these separate transactions, it is likely that the owner's spending will be confused with the rest of the company's spending and may cause some errors.

Withdrawal accounts are usually set up for partnerships so that each owner can have his own spending account and manage it. The total amount of money withdrawn by the owners becomes part of the net income statement for the business.

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Add - Pexels media:


online product designer 

Pexels media help designers, bloggers or anyone looking for visual content find great images and videos they can use for free anywhere. All images and videos are free to use for commercial purposes.

At the NBdesigner designing page, click on the "Photos" tab at the left sidebar, you will see the "Pexels" option. Click on that, you will see a lot of media samples available for your choice.

You are wondering how to use it? Click on the media you like. It will be displayed in the designing zone. This is a quite interesting features

Keep exploring with me! First, select your favorite image in the photo section (still me, so I still select the photos on Pexels). Click on it, you will have quite amazing pictures!

Add - FlatIcon media

online product designer

You are one of our customers and often use our beautiful icons. That's great! We will update more and more icons for you. In this version, we update new option, Flaticon media, with these categories, you can easily select your favorite print icons.

It's okay if you don't find your perfect icon — at Flaticon you can edit its size, position, and colors until you find the appropriate style for your products. With Flaticon, You can create your own royalty free flat icons for your web-projects within seconds! Just choose an icon shape out of many available and customize it to your needs.

There are many sources that provide free icons that are widely used. For example, Flaticon, Iconfever, Iconspedia, Iconseeker, ... Among the icons supplies I list, Flaticon impresses me the most because the icons here are many and clearly categorized. Simple then you just need to search the Icon name to make a whole bunch.

Tweak - Improve load template photos

Improve the speed of downloading sample images, the speed of downloading images when creating templates is improved, faster. This is very important, of course, anyone who uses it wants to shorten the work speed. Me too.

This is important for several reasons:

  • Site speed, because large images will slow down your site (turn your back on people). If your images are too large, they will slow down your website loading time. This can be frustrating for people who visit your site.
  • SEO, because a slow website and unnamed images won't impress Search Engines (lower your rankings in Google)
  • Practice good design in general and don't scare potential customers with your bad image.

Great image quality and fast speed. Very awesome, isn't it? enjoy it.

We hope you find a guide helpful. Now you can easily install an Online design plugin. If you want to have more experience in our products, please access the link: Demo. If you have any questions, you can contact us on CMSmart.  We are willing to support you. Remembering to use coupon code MAR_DL to get 18% discount for this item. 

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