Each platform will have different structures, as a user I feel Shopify is a fairly easy to use platform, a friendly interface for most people. This article we will help you understand the basic structure of Shopify and hope with this article you can set up your own website.

In this article, I will divide the sections into separate modules for you to understand more easily. Let's find out.


To make basic settings for Shopify, go to Settings> General

Here you please complete information about your Store such as address, currency you use and especially information to log into the Store.

This is where you can adjust your Store information when you need to switch to a different product and want a new Store name for yourself.

Important parts:

  • Customer email: this item is the email that will appear when the system sends to the customer, you should use email by domain name or if you have not yet set up an Email domain name can be temporary to a Gmail and then change back.
    Example: Support@namnkstore.com
  • ZIP CODE: depends on your address
  • Store currency: the currency used for your website, choose USD if you sell in the US market or countries using USD.

NOTE: Do not use virtual addresses fake / fake information, because the account will be locked when detected.



This is where you will post your products, create product collections and inventory.

Select "Add product" to add your first product.

Important items:

  • Title: the product title
  • Description: describe the product
  • Images: product images, you can upload multiple images, note that all images should be the same size.
  • Product Type: the product type, for example "Phone"
  • Vendor: trademarks, for example "Apple"
  • Tags: you need to tag the tag as it is very important, regarding the creation of the collection

  • Price: official selling price
  • Compare at Price: Original price, optional
  • Inventory policy: select Shopify tracks this product's inventory if you want to manage the inventory of this product, select "Quantity" to set the number of products you have in stock. 
  • Weight: weight of the product, required if you charge the shipping fee based on weight

You can add options by "Add variant" if your product has different options such as "Size" (for fashion products), "Color", ...

At the end there is "Edit website SEO", a preview of how your product will display on Google search. You can edit the title, description and URL handle, don't forget to add important keywords to your title and description.

Continue posting until your product inventory is complete.


You need to create collections for products with same category, same brand, ...

The Collections section is right below Products.

Select "Create collection" to create your collection.

You need to upload the collection image to represent the collection. About Collection type:

  • Manual: perform adding products to the collection manually
  • Automated: automatically add products to the collection


  • all conditions: the product must meet all of the conditions below
  • any condition: the product only needs to meet one of the conditions below

The conditions you can choose from include: Product Type, Vendor, Tags, Title, Price, Weight, ....

Collection also has an Edit Website SEO section to optimize SEO like the product, so remember to edit it for a chance to display on Google.


The Online store module is where you customize the interface of themes, posts, blogs, domain names, ... however because customizing the theme is important, there will be a separate module for this section.

3.1 Theme

We already have a detailed article on this section. You can check Here

3.2 Pages

Is where you will post articles like about your company, policies & terms, guidelines, recruitment, ...

Select "Add page" to add page.

Posting articles is similar to product posting, with title and description, as well as SEO optimization at the end of each post.


Create a "Contact" page with the form

Create a similar Contact page, but in the right corner, under "Template suffix", choose "page.contact".

3.3 Blog Posts

Blog section you are not required to have, but if any will help a lot for SEO optimization. You can post blog posts related to shopping trends, beauty tips, tips, ...

At the Blog posts interface, select "Create blog post" to post your blog.


  • Visibility: select "Visible" to publish the new blog post
  • Blog: choose blog category to publish, you can choose default blog "News" or create a new blog
  • Featured image: must use the same horizontal image and size for all blog posts
  • Tags: assign related tags to each post
  • URL and handle

3.4 Menu Nagivation

You go to Main Menu to customize the main menu.

You can link each menu item to collections, pages or blogs.

3.5 Preferences

At the Preference, you will edit the following:

  • Homepage title: the title of the whole website, greatly affects SEO
  • Meta Description: describe the whole of your website, write a short description of your product or service, remember to include your most important keywords.
  • Google Analytics: you can install Analytics and paste the script code in this box
  • Facebook Pixel: used to pin Facebook ads pixels
  • Password protection: you can turn on and off to set up password protection during web construction or every maintenance

You can refer to the video below:

Above are the basic structures of Shopify that we introduce to you. In the next part, we will introduce more details for your reference.If there are any problems with using the product, please contact us to get the best support. Thanks for reading the article


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