Our life has changed rapidly along with the development of information technology. Traditional web design seems to be out of date or not to be enough for business owners. In that situation, Growth-Driven Design appeared as the wonderful and dynamic marketing approach. Most of people who have used GDD agree that GDD enables them to minimize risks of traditional web design with a systematic approach shortening the time to launch. Unlike traditional methods – doing everything at one time, GDD reduces risks and saves tons of time for users by focusing on iterations or “sprints”. Here are the steps for applying GDD to your printing sites:

Plan Ahead

To build a good house, at first, you need to build a solid foundation. In this field, everything occurs the same; it had better finish the basic starting steps of setting S.M.A.R.T goals, developing complete buyer personas and doing both quantitative and qualitative research.What is SMART goals? It stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. If follow these five letters, you can easily avoid generalizations and instead, you can calculate everything and evaluate accurately how you are progressing, what will need to be done next.

It is the same for quantitative and qualitative research as well as fully-developed buyer personas. It can be considered as the tools that guarantee that you will reach the right person at the right time and make them satisfied with the service and get them interested.

Last but not least, after finishing all the steps above, never forget feedbacks from your customers and the data that summarizes your process including traffic volume and conversion rates. You can know exactly where you are, your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Creating Your Site

Never go headfirst into putting together a full website right at the first time, which just makes everything messing up. It had better start with creating a wishlist with creative ideas from all team members. Including 360° images or integrating all social media accounts in your dream sites, that’s all awesome. Among that wishlist, let’s choose “must-have” items, which make your website as inviting as possible. To find those items, you just need to answer the question: what are the basic of envious stores? There will some terms you need to understand: Store entrance is homepage, Aisles is category pages, Shelves is attributes your sort products and Products is product detail page.

Analyzing and Developing

After all the basic steps above, don’t stop. If you go further, there will be a lot of interesting and helpful things waiting for you. Analyze deeper by keeping track of metrics, checking the effectiveness of your strategies and making changes if necessary. The information may be about items are being most interested in or topics that are viewed the most.

Your result of analyzing process should be published in a central location, where all members in your company can observe and argue. They will be the key factors to complete your roadmap for future site changes and decisions.

All in all, if you follow those steps in applying GDD, building a successful and awesome site is not a difficult and complicated task.

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